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Adco RV Covers the best protection for your RV, Motor home, Trailer or Camper.

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For over 58 years ADCO has remained a dominant supplier to the automotive industry, RV industry, marine industry, hearth & home industry, power sports industry and equine industry. Adco retail products can be found throughout the world and their OEM products have satisfied the likes of many Fortune 500 companies. Need Help Measuring Your ADCO RV Cover for Travel Trailers? Measure your Travel Trailer from the longest 2 points to determine the proper fit, including bumpers, spare tire and ladder - but excluding hitch. ADCO RV Covers are designed to fit all common vehicle heights, however, we recommend double checking by taking the measurement of the vehicle sidewall height, excluding ground clearance. Covers are designed to accommodate rooftop accessories so no need to account for A/C's, Vents, etc. when checking on height. This new and improved designed RV cover features the same great features we offered in the past: Designer Series Olefin HD top panel reflects sunlight, keeping RV cooler. It has designer polypropylene side and ladder cap that reduces wear over the ladder area. It also has a weighted buckle toss under for easy installation underneath the coach and is water resistant yet breathable. We now offer new features to this improved RV cover! The cover now has a slip-seam strapping system which cinches at the top and bottom for a perfectly snug fit and prevents cover from wind damage. Reinforcements throughout bottom and top of side panels. More durable polypropylene side walls that are gray instead of tan. Every covers comes with 4 travel tyre gards! Adco Factory 3-Year warranty. This covers accommodates for: All Types of Front Ends, Air Conditioners, Extra Tall & Regular Height Walls, Slide Outs and Ladders.

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Install class A AquaShed
Measure Class A & C
Measure 5th Wheel & Travel Trailer
Install Class A RV Cover

This section answers questions about your RV, and the process to purchase adequate cover: how to measure your vehicle, how to choose the adequate fabric for the weather in your area and/or needs, where and how to buy your product, as well as taking care of your product.

Which fabric should I choose for my location? SFS Aqua-shed is for moist climates such as New England and the Midwest. Designer Series Olefin HD is designed for harsh environments and works especially well in areas with intense UV, snow or dust.

How do you install an RV cover? RV Covers can be installed WITHOUT climbing on the roof of your RV by utilizing stepladders. Depending on the vehicle, you may be able to save time by climbing on the roof. ADCO takes no responsibility for the liability involved in climbing on the roof. Please note that extreme caution should be taken. RV Cover installation gets easier with practice. Most full size coaches can be covered and secured in under 10 minutes.

How do you wash a cover? Try to hang the cover up on a clothes line and rinse the cover with only water. Do not use any kind of cleaning soap because it may damage the cover.

How do I repair a damaged vehicle cover? We offer a fantastic adhesive patch kit for most all of our covers. (Except vinyl products).

How do I measure my coach for an RV cover? Measure RV from end to end (including bumpers, spare tire and ladder) to determine RV Cover needed for proper fit. Do not rely on manufacturer’s specifications. Covers should fit loose.

Will a cover scratch my vehicle’s paint job? No, our covers have been field tested for years to protect any vehicle’s paint job.

How easy is it to install a custom cover? Can be installed in 10 minutes or less. Smaller vehicles take no time at all.

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