Coverking Tailgate Pad from $125.99


Coverking Bicycle Tailgate Pads protect the trucks tailgate while transporting your bicycle.

Coverking Bicycle Tailgate Pads

Coverking Tailgate Pad: Full-size pickups 61" wide, small / mini size pu trucks 46", medium / mid size pu trucks 54"

Coverking Tailgate Pad

Part # Description Price
SPC470 Coverking Tailgate Pad - Medium Pick-Up Truck 53.5" $125.99
SPC471 Coverking Tailgate Pad - Large Full Size Pick-Up Truck 61.5" $139.99
SPC570 Coverking Tailgate Pad - Small Pick-Up Truck 46" $99.99

The pad includes seven conveniently placed Velcro straps to secure your equipment in place. Its soft padded covering protects your flatbed from unwanted dings and scratches while also providing a soft cushion for your expensive surfboards. The tailgate pad takes seconds to install with the nifty strap lock that allows you to tie the pad right to your truck’s internal harnesses. The Tailgate Pad comes in two convenient sizes for large medium-sized pickup trucks. (Large sized will fit full size pick-ups and medium-sized will fit small to medium pick-up trucks).

How to install Your Coverking Tailgate Pad

1. After unpacking your new Coverking tailgate pad lay it out in the sun, it will help relax the fabricand make it much easier to work with.
2. Lower the tailgate and lay the Coverking pad down so the long end of the straps arehanging downward.
3. Pass the straps through the bed of the truck and the tailgate. NOTE: Make sure the straps are not twisted before moving onto the next step.
4. Slide the strap through the bottom hole first.
5. Loop the strap around and back through the buckle. Pull the stap a bit to snug up the pad but do not completely tighten them at this time.
6. Close the tailgate gentlyand make sureit clears the side latches.
7. Lift the handle flap and rotate the entire tailgatepad forward so the handle is accessible.
8. Start tightening the straps uniformly from the outside inward.
9. The upper panel will start to contour thetailgate cap, once the Coverking pad is straighttighten the straps completely.
10. It is good practice to retighten the straps periodically to insure the proper fit and finish of your Coverking tailgate pad.

Using your Coverking tailgate pad hold downs

1. Pull the long end of the strap through the loop on thetailgate pad, the male end of theVelcro will need to be facing the tailgate.
2. Tighten the small section of Velcro around the loop.
3. Make sure that the long end of the strap is on the tailgate side.
4. Push the long end of the strap through the ring.
5. Close the Velcro strap to secure the material in place.
6. When transporting a bike, hang the front wheel over the tailgate and secure the strap to the bike frame.
7. On thicker materials the Velcro straps can bedaisy chained to make a larger loop.
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