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Coverking Custom Hood Protectors & Front End Masks

Coverking Custom Hood Protectors & Front End Masks
In addition to our unparalleled expertise in producing the finest car and seat covers, Coverking is also a leader with its Car Bras, Custom Hood Protectors and Front End Masks, available for cars, trucks and SUVs. Your vehicle is an important investment. Unfortunately, its front end surfaces are constantly subjected to a wide variety of damaging projectiles and debris. If left unprotected, painted and coated surfaces will incur costly damage such as chips, scratches, dings and dents. Coverking's Front End Masks are made of rich black, high-quality vinyl with a soft mildew resistant backing that will not scratch the vehicle's surface. Safe under all road conditions and manufactured with the quality and consistency of Coverking's famous in-house CAD/CAM systems, our Hood Protectors and & Front End Masks install in minutes thanks to the included long lasting installation hardware. (Note: installation time is vehicle dependent.) These protectors are approved and sold by major OEM manufacturers worldwide.

  • Protects your vehicle's front from road debris and UV rays.
  • Made from thick breathable vinyl.
  • Soft backing for your vehicle's delicate finish.
  • Custom cut for your specific vehicle
Coverking Car Bra  Coverking Car Bras

Tips for Easier Installation and Care
  • Before Installation, wash and wax your vehicle. Use a paste wax'not a spray'on the hood and fenders in order to maintain the finish underneath the Coverking Front End Cover.
  • Install the Front End Cover in temperatures of 70˚F (21˚C) or higher. The warmth will make the fabric more pliable and will allow it to stretch slightly for a tighter and smoother fit.
  • Do not use vinyl cleaners or protectants on your Coverking Front End Cover. These cleaners reduce the breathability of the vinyl and will void the Coverking Warranty.
  • Do not install the Coverking Front End Cover on any vehicle that does not still have its original factory paint. Coverking will not be held liable for any warranty claims of paint damage to repainted vehicles.
  • Remember that the Front End Cover also protects paint from fading due to sunlight while the rest of the car is exposed. Coverking will not be held liable for any warranty claims on sun-faded paint.
  • Caution: There may be elastic straps described in some sections of this manual that can snap back if not properly hooked. To avoid injuries, exercise caution and use safety glasses when installing.
  • DO NOT PULL UP ON THE CLIPS OR THE FABRIC TO REMOVE THE COVER. When removing the cover, it will be easiest to reverse the installation steps.
With proper care, your Coverking Front End Cover will provide years of stylish looks and maximum protection. Installation of the Front End Cover is a simple process that should take about 30 minutes. Removal and reinstallation (as for car washing) takes just a few minutes.

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