Coverking Motorcycle Covers

Coverking Universal Motorcycle Covers
Coverking Motorcycle Covers Coverking use the most advanced fabrics, designed in house specifically for motorcycle. Several sizes assure a great fit, and Coverking's TS16949 Quality systems assure a properly designed and manufactured motorcycle cover. Coverking Universal Motorcycle Covers are designed to protect a Motorcycle without scratching the paint. 5 sizes cover most popular Motorcylces on the road today, from mopeds to full dress cruisers. Elastic hems on the front and rear keep the cover snug, while nylon grommets allow for security locks to keep the cover secure. Coverking Motorcycle covers are offered in Silverguard - for the best Sun, UV & Heat protection. Coverking's Silverguard Universal Motorcycle Cover is constructed from a unique polyester fabric with a silver reflective coating to protect your bike from the damaging rays of the sun. In addition to reflecting harmful UV rays, this cover is highly water resistant and provides great protection from air pollutants. Silverguard motorcycle covers are designed to provide the right fit for your motorcycle.
Coverking Motorcycle Covers Coverking
Coverking MototCycle Covers - Silverguard Material $59.99
Part # Description Price
UMXBICYE62 Coverking Silverguard - Adult Bicycle Cover$59.99
UMXSMALE62  Coverking Silverguard MotorCycle Cover - Small ( Mopeds, Scooters, Bicycles ) $59.99
UMXMEDME62  Coverking Silverguard MotorCycle Cover - Medium $59.99
UMXCRSRE62  Coverking Silverguard MotorCycle Cover - Cruiser ( Cruisers without windshields or saddlebags ) $59.99
UMXSBKEE62 Coverking Silverguard MotorCycle Cover - Superbike ( for the unique shape, fairings, and exhaust of today's Superbikes ) $59.99
UMXFDCRE62 Coverking Silverguard MotorCycle Cover -  Silverguard Full Dress Cruiser - ( with saddlebags, windshields, tall rear seats ) $59.99

•Provides maximum protection from the sun's damaging UV rays
•Made from all-weather, 300 denier, silver-coated polyester material
•Breathable fabric reduces condensation under cover
•Protects from rain and other elements
•Soft and compact cover is easy to put on and store
•Available in reflective silver Motorcycle Covers Coverking



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