Caltrend Custom Car Seat Covers from $109.99

Caltrend Custom Car Seat Covers
Cal Trend Custom Made Prefect Fit Car Seat Covers, Best Looking Fitting Car Truck Seat Covers

Velour Seat Covers

CalTrend Velour Seat Covers

BUY from $109.99

A comfortable, luxurious fabric that is thick, soft, and made from 100% polyester.

Dura Plus Seat Covers

CalTrend Dura Plus Seat Covers

BUY from $109.99

Made from a canvas like fabric making it near impossible to tear & puncture.

Super Suede Seat Covers

CalTrend Super Suede Seat Covers

BUY from $199.99

Unparalleled softness from genuine synthetic suede leather with perforated inserts.

I Can't Believe It's Not Leather Seat Covers

CalTrend I Can't Believe It's Not Leather Seat Covers

BUY from $199.99

An ultra smooth cost effective animal free and safer alternative to leather.

Leather Seat Covers

CalTrend Leather Seat Covers

BUY from $299.99

The pinnacle of luxury premium genuine leather fabric perfectly cut to your vehicle.

NeoSupreme Seat Covers

CalTrend NeoSupreme Seat Covers

BUY from $109.99

Sporty look superior wetsuit like protection for sports and enthusiasts.

NeoPrene Seat Covers

CalTrend NeoPrene Seat Covers

BUY from $199.99

Top quality wetsuit-like material

EuroSport Seat Covers

CalTrend EuroSport Seat Covers

BUY from $109.99

European style and refinement mixed with 100% space-knit fabric for breathability.

Tweed Seat Covers

CalTrend Tweed Seat Covers

BUY from $109.99

Enjoy the feeling of cloth with the durability of canvas with 100% polyolefin fabric.

Micro Suede Seat Covers

CalTrend Micro Suede Seat Covers

BUY from $109.99

CalTrend MicroSuede seat covers provide a rich, soft feel along with the elegant look of genuine Suede Leather, Smooth Velvet-Like Surface microsuede.

SportsTex Seat Covers

CalTrend SportsTex Seat Covers

BUY from $109.99

Style & comfort cotton + durable easy to clean polyester

Carbon Fiber Seat Covers

CalTrend Carbon Fiber Seat Covers

BUY from $199.99

Look of carbon fiber and the feel of leather 6 color choices

PetPrint Seat Covers

CalTrend PetPrint Seat Covers

BUY from $109.99

Pet Print seat covers made from heavy-duty, canvas-like fabric

Hawaiian Seat Covers

CalTrend Hawaiian Seat Covers

BUY from $109.99

Caltrend Custom Made NeoSupreme Car Seat Covers The Fashion of Neoprene with High UV Resistance

American Flag Seat Covers

CalTrend American Flag Seat Covers

BUY from $109.99

Enjoy the feeling of cloth with the durability of canvas with 100% polyolefin fabric.

Cal Trend Custom Camo Seat Covers

Camouflage Seat Covers

CalTrend Camouflage Seat Covers

BUY from $109.99

Hunter Camouflage print, Digital Camo Prints on cotton polyester fabric.

Tough Camo Seat Covers

CalTrend Tough Camo Seat Covers

BUY from $199.99

Premium-grade, heavy-duty Tough Camo

Retro Camouflage Seat Covers

CalTrend Retro Camouflage Seat Covers

BUY from $109.99

Tough, easy-to-maintain, canvas-like fabric

How long will it take to get my Custom Seat Covers?
Our delivery time is the best in the Industry! All orders are manufactured at the CalTrend Factory located in Santa Ana, CA and shipped in about 7-10 days.

Is this a one size fits all cover? How much of the seat is covered?
This is not a universal or 'one size fits all' product. All of our Custom Tailored Seat Covers are manufactured specifically for your vehicle. We make each cover to fit exactly right every time. Our two piece design eliminates that unsightly sagging. And best of all, the entire seat is fully covered, even the back. Front material may differ from the back. This can be viewed in the color swatches on the individual fabric pages.

Will the seat cover material exactly match my original interior?
All our covers are made from genuine automotive materials to provide you with all the qualities you expect from an OE fabric (durability and fade resistance etc.) however, they may not be an exact match to your original material.

Do I need to remove my original seat material to put these covers on?
No. Our Custom Tailored Seat Covers slip over original upholstery.

Do I have to remove my seats to install CalTrend seat covers?
In most cases you won't have to remove your seats, however some rear bench seats require removal. Installation instructions are included with your seat covers.

Do I need tools to install these covers?
There is no need for tools with Cal Trend Custom Tailored Seat Covers. These are easy to install and slip over your existing seat upholstery.

Are armrests and headrests covered?
Yes we make covers for both and they are included with your seat covers.

What is the best fabric for pets?
For those looking to protect your original upholstery from pets, we most definitely recommend our Duraplus custom seat covers. DuraPlus Seat covers are made from high quality canvas-like material making it nearly impossible to tear and puncture. Water Repellent, Great UV protection and Ultra soft foam backing for maximum comfort.

Can I put CalTrend car seat covers over seats with airbags?
Yes. For all seats with Air Bags we provide a special design to ensure safe deployment.

I installed my Cal Trend seat covers and they have wrinkles.
If you have received our CalTrend Seat Covers with a crease or a wrinkle after you have installed them, don't worry. These wrinkles should come out during the first few weeks of use

Will CalTrend seat covers damage my original upholstery?
No. Original upholstery, including leather, is far better off when covered by our seat covers which protect your original seats from wear and tear.

My vehicle isn't listed on your Website?
No problem new patterns are added regularly so please check back

CalTrend Seat Covers - Cal Trend Custom Prefect Fit Car Seat Covers, Best Looking Fitting Car Seat Covers Made in USA !


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