CalTrend Super Suede Car Seat Covers

CalTrend Suede Car Seat Covers Made In USA

CalTrend Super Suede Seat Covers - Custom Perfect Fit Car Seat Covers, Best Looking Fitting Car Seat Covers Made in USA!

CalTrend Super Suede Seat Covers

CalTrend Custom Made SuperSuede Car Seat Covers The Soft Feel Of Suede With A Perforated Insert. SuperSuede seat covers available in 4 different colors.

Caltrend SuperSuede Seat Covers Luxuriate in the Comfort of Velvety Soft Car Seat Covers.

Stylish, elegant, tasteful a perfect description of CalTrend’s SuperSuede seat covers. Crafted of fabric finished with a simulated suede nap for a luxurious feel, SuperSuede seat covers distinctive 2 tone inserts add an extra dash of sophistication.

  • Precision cut and custom tailored to your vehicle’s seats for a perfect glove like fit.
  • Treated fabric is UV resistant and water repellant preserving the life and look of your vehicle’s seats for years to come.
  • Made to order car seat covers manufactured in California USA ensure consistent quality and fast production times.

Caltrend SuperSuede car seat covers are manufactured with quality and unmatched precision specifically to your vehicle. Caltrend Super Suede seat covers are easy to install and require no tools.



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