Gust Guard Car Cover Tie Downs $19.99

Gust Guard Car Cover Clamps - Gust Guard cover clamps secure covers in storms, gusting high winds and in any outdoor weather.

Gust Guard Cover Tie Downs

Gust Guard Car Cover Tie Downs

Part # Description Price
GG-KIT1 Gust Guard Car Cover Tie Down: 12" Bicycle, Motorcycle, Scooter. $19.99
GG-KIT2 Gust Guard Car Cover Tie Down: 24" ATV, UTV, 3 Wheelers. $19.99
GG-KIT3 Gust Guard Car Cover Tie Down: 36" Car, Truck, SUV, Van, Boat, RV, Camper, Motor homes. $19.99

Wind protection for your BBQ, lawn furniture, bike, ATV or personal Watercraft. Using the 4 Gust Guard clips you will be able to secure your covers in a lasting way. Simple install instructions, your covers will stay where you put it, even when the wind blows.

Covers alone should NOT be used in high wind conditions, but sometimes you may need your car or truck covered for a extended period of time, such as in a airport, while on vacation, etc. in locations where wind could be a problem. The Gust Guard car cover tie downs will help keep your covers in place during these high winds, and are easy to install. The Gust Guard kit makes adjustable security cords that clamp to the cover hems in front of the front wheels and behind the rear ones. When the wind gusts get under the car cover, the Gust Guard keeps the cover on and from coming loose.

Gust Guard Logo Contents of Package:

Prevent winds from lifting your car cover, SUV cover, Truck cover, Van cover, RV covers, etc. Universal size for most cars, trucks, vans and SUVs. Use on tarps, car covers, tents, etc.

Gust Guard

Gust Guard Car Cover Installation Instructions

CAUTION: Gust Guard Cover Clamps are intended for stationary use only, DO NOT USE TO SECURE TARPS OR COVERS ON MOVING VEHICLES
* Gust Guard can not be held responsible for improper or careless application.
Gust Guard Cover Tie Downs
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