Spidy Gear Truck Bed Webb $55.99

Spidy Gear Truck Bed Webb

Spidy Gear Bed Webb patented design uses a real spider's web shape to quickly secure cargo.

Spidy Gear Pick Up Truck Cargo Net for Truck Beds

Spidy Gear Truck Bed Webb

Part # Size Price
80111-01 Bed Webb - Large (Black) $55.99
80111-03 Bed Webb - Large (Blue) $55.99
80111-06 Bed Webb - Large (Red) $55.99
80111-11 Bed Webb - Large (Yellow) $55.99
80112-01 Bed Webb - Small (Black) $55.99
80112-03 Bed Webb - Small (Blue) $55.99
80112-06 Bed Webb - Small (Red) $55.99
80112-11 Bed Webb - Small (Yellow) $55.99

Large: 60" x 84" to 78" x 114"
Small: 48" x 60" to 66" x 84"

Spidy Gear ® Truck Bed Webb

Tie down cargo in the back of your pickup truck and prevent dangerous road hazards with the cargo netting for truck beds from Spidy Gear. Spider Gear net for truck bedsĀ are designed to fit any domestic or import small to full-size pickup truck bed. At the center is a stainless steel ring from which heavy duty cords radiate and mount easily to the truck bed. Cords are made from 6 mm stretch shock cord -- very durable. Mounting hardware for the cargo bed net is included and easy to install. 90-day factory warranty. Pickup truck bed cargo nets are available in 4 fade-resistant colors and add a sporty look to your truck bed while protecting your cargo and preventing road hazards.

Spidy Gear Truck Bed Webb Spidy Gear Truck Bed Webb Spidy Gear Truck Bed Webb
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