Covercraft SeatSaver Seat Back Organizer Protects the back of the front seats $52.99

Covercraft Covercraft SeatSaver Seat Back Organizer
Carhartt Seat Back Organizers - Seat Back Protector
Part # Description Price
SBK1001PCCH Covercraft SeatSaver Seatback Organizer (Polycotton - CH Charcoal) $52.99
SBK1001PCGY SeatSaver Seatback Organizer (Polycotton - GY Gray) $52.99
SBK1001PCCT Covercraft SeatSaver Seatback Organizer (Polycotton - CT Misty Gray) $52.99
SBK1001PCTN Covercraft SeatSaver Seatback Organizer (Polycotton - TN Tan) $52.99
SBK1001PCTP Covercraft SeatSaver Seatback Organizer (Polycotton - TP Taupe) $52.99
SBK1001PCSA Covercraft SeatSaver SeatSaver Seatback Organizer (Polycotton - SA Wet Sand) $52.99

Choose from 6 interior-complementing colors:

  • Easy to clean Machine Washable
  • Water-resistant fabric breathes
  • Durable polycotton drill fabric
  • Straps & buckles make installation easy
  • Mesh pockets fit drinks & accessories
  • Solid pockets for all your other things
  • Sold individually per seat
  • Available in 6 colors
Charcoal PolyCotton SeatSaver
Gray PolyCotton SeatSaver
Misty Gray PolyCotton SeatSaver
Misty Gray
Tan PolyCotton SeatSaver
Taupe PolyCotton SeatSaver
Wet Sand PolyCotton SeatSaver
Wet Sand

Covercraft SeatSaver Seat Back Protector Organizer

Give the back of your seats the protection and organization that every vehicle needs. Covercraft SeatSaver Seat Back Organizer rear seat protectors are designed to hold up to the abuse of being kicked over-and-over while adding some much-needed organization to your vehicle. Covercraft SeatSaver Seat Back Organizer cover is made from a super strong Polycotton fabric similar to the Polycotton SeatSavers to prevent stains, mud, snow, spills, and scuff marks from ruining your seats. For added storage, each Covercraft SeatSaver Seat Back Organizer includes 4 pockets - 2 mesh pockets with an elastic top and 2 reinforced water-resistant pockets great for packing away snacks, toys, tools or games. These vehicle kick guards are perfect for if you have little kids that rest their little dirty feet on your seats, dogs that jump on the back of your seats, or just need extra storage space off the floor. Protect your seats with Covercraft Seatback Organizers.

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