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Carhartt Seat Covers

Carhartt brown seat cover

Carhartt grey seat cover

Carhartt® Seat Covers famous rugged durability available in Covercraft SeatSaver™ custom seat covers. Don't let the good looks fool you, Carhartt seat covers are tough as nails with heavy duty, firm-hand Carhartt® duck weave fabric and triple stitched main seams. Your butt might wear out before these seat covers do. Available in Carhartt® Brown or Carhart Gravel grey colors, they feature storage pockets with the signature Carhartt® rivets and a Durable, Water-Repellent (DWR) finish. So they'll always look good no matter how bad you treat'em.

Carhartt Seat Covers

Carhartt Seat Covers, Covercraft SeatSaver Fabric

Carhartt Brown SeatSavers

Carhartt Brown (BN)

Carhartt Gray SeatSavers

Carhartt Gravel (GY))

(Actual colors may vary slightly from what you see on your screen)

Custom Fit 2 Yr Warranty

  • Covercraft SeatSaver Exclusive: Carhartt branded fabric.
  • Custom patterned for a perfect fit.
  • Easy to install / easy to remove.
  • Protect seats from sun, & UV damage, dirt, pets, kids.
  • Breathable, heavy-duty duck weave fabric.
  • Durable Water Repellency (DWR) finish for spills.
  • Strong overlapped, double & triple-stitched seams.
  • Clean in home washer/dryer.
  • Great for kids, dogs, & construction work.
  • Tough, rugged & stylish seat protection.
  • Protect seats from sun, dirt, workweek abuse.
  • Available in Carhartt Brown & Gravel Grey.
  • Covercraft Factory Warranty: 2 Years.

Almost 10,000 Custom Fit Seat Cover Patterns

Carhartt custom Fit Seat Cover Patterns
Carhartt Brand Logo

Carhartt Brand Logo is sewn into the SeatSaver backs

Carhartt Styling

Original Classic look of Carhartt Styling

Carhartt Map Pockets

Most front CarHartt seat covers include map pockets

Carhartt elastic

Built in elastic tension keeps the SeatSavers in place

Carhartt seams

Strongest Durable over lapped, triple needle stitched main seams

Carhartt care

Easy install & care, wash & dry in home machines

Carhartt Seat Savers - Covercraft Carhartt Seat Covers


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