Covercraft RV Seat Covers $109.99

High-performance RV seat cover protectors for your motor home

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Covercraft RV Seat Covers
Covercraft Gray/Black RV SeatGlove
Covercraft Tan RV SeatGlove
Covercraft Gray RV SeatGlove
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Covercraft Tan RV SeatGlove Material sampleTan
Part # Color Price
SVR1001BK  Black / Gray $109.99
SVR1001GY  Gray $109.99
SVR1001TN  Tan $109.99

Covercraft RV SeatGlove Covers The fabric has some stretch to it and that there are adjustments so these measurements should be considered as an average of what it will fit. You can allow an inch or two on either side of these for fitment. Covercraft RV SeatGloves for your RV or motor home incorporate a 3-Dimensional fabric with a moisture wicking surface layer Fabric Panel that keeps you cool and dry by drawing moisture away from you while you're seated. Also, the fabric base provides extra cushion for breathability, insulation, compression resistance and durability. The form-fitting stretch border has the look and feel of neoprene, but is breathable.

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