Coverking Seat Shields for Bucket & Bench Seats from $69.99

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Coverking Seat Shields are waterproof and quickly install when needed to protect your seats, and easily store for the next time.

Coverking Bucket Seat Shield

Coverking Bucket Seat Shield

Coverking Cordura Ballistic Waterproof Bucket Seat Shields with TPR backing

Part # Description Price
SSHDF-B1 Bucket Seat Shield - Black $69.99
SSHDF-G2 Bucket Seat Shield - Gray $69.99
SSHDF-T1 Bucket Seat Shield - Tan $69.99

Coverking Bench Seat Shield

Coverking Bench Seat Shield

Coverking Cordura Ballistic Waterproof Bench Seat Shields with TPR backing

Part # Description Price
SSHDR-B1 Bench Seat Shield - Black $89.99
SSHDR-G2 Bench Seat Shield - Gray $89.99
SSHDR-T1 Bench Seat Shield - Tan $89.99

Available in front bucket and rear bench. Ideal for protection from work, children and pets. Waterproof design made from heavy-duty comfortable Cordura material with a non-skid rubber TPR backing.

Coverking Cordura Ballistic Waterproof Seat Shields with TPR backing.

Waterproof Barrier

Coverking Waterproof Seat Shields

Quickly deploy your Seat Shield when the need arises to protect your seats from sweat, spills, pets, work, or play! Rubber layer stops moisture from reaching your seat upholstery and makes the mess easier to clean. Simply remove Seat Shield to dry it and hand wash.


Coverking Waterproof Seat Shields

Gone are the days of sliding around on a lesser seat cover. Seat Shields have a textured rubber TPR backing that keeps your cover in place for maximum protection and ease-of-use. After installing the cover, you won't need to be constantly adjusting placement during use.

Protect and Enhance

Coverking Waterproof Seat Shields

Transform the look of your interior, but also protect your seats from hazards or hide existing damage. Seat Shield gives you piece of mind - as you can quickly install your barrier and easily stow for next use. No need to worry about damaging your seats.

Easy Installation

Coverking Waterproof Seat Shields

Your universal seat cover is engineered as one piece. You simply slip it over the seat back, then the seat bottom and you're done.

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