Covercraft Precision Fit Seat GT Covers: Carhartt, Endura, Leatherette from $268.00

Precision Fit by Covercraft

Precision Fit GT Seat Covers prefect fit Carhartt, Endura, Leatherette. Highest quality precision fitted seat covers to protect your seats, for cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs.

Covercraft Precision Fit GT Car & Truck Seat Covers
Carhartt Precision Fit Seat Covers
  • Carhartt's Best Precision Fit
  • Premium Carhartt Seat Covers
  • Foam Backed, Perfect Fitting

BUY from $334.00

Carhartt Brown SeatSavers
Carhartt Gray SeatSavers
Gravel Gray
Precision Fit Seat Covers Leatherette
  • PrecisionFit for a perfect fit
  • Luxurious look & feel of leather
  • Made from quality synthetic leather
  • Foam-backed comfort

BUY from $279.00

Black Leatherette Seat Covers
Light Gray Leatherette Seat Covers
Light Gray
Medium Gray Leatherette Seat Covers
Medium Gray
Stone Leatherette Seat Covers
Precision Fit Endura Seat Covers
  • Waterproof seat covers
  • PrecisionFit for a perfect fit
  • Nylon Polyester Fabric
  • 10 + Color Choices

BUY from $268.00

Black Endura Seat Covers
Charcoal Endura Seat Covers
Silver Endura Seat Covers
Tan Endura Seat Covers
Black Charcoal Endura Seat Covers
Black CH
Silver Charcoal Endura Seat Covers
Silver CH
Charcoal Silver Endura Seat Covers
CH Silver
Charcoal Black Endura Seat Covers
CH Black
Tan Black Endura Seat Covers
Tan Black
Red Black Endura Seat Covers
Red Black
Blue Black Endura Seat Covers
Blue Black

Precision Fit Seat Covers are Covercraft's best fitting and looking seat covers. PrecisionFit seat covers will fit your seats like a skin, made in a USA factory perfect tailored to fit your seats. Covercraft Precision Fit seat covers fit perfectly to every shape and curve of your seats. Fully airbag complaint, factory warranty.

Precision Fit Carhartt | Precision Fit Endura | Precision Fit Leatherette

Why PrecisionFit Seat Covers:

  1. Perfectly tailored for a perfect fit
  2. Proudly made in the USA
  3. Seat airbag safe with unique hidden-tear-away
  4. Foam-backed for added comfort & snug fit
  5. Exact cutouts for controls & levers
  6. Rear storage pocket
  7. Full seat coverage front & back
  8. All headrests, armrests, and console covers included

Precision Fit Seat Cover FAQ's

Are PrecisionFit Seat Covers Waterproof?

Endura Nylon Seat Covers are 100% waterproof and Carhartt Precision Fit Seat Covers are highly water resistant.

How Long Does It Take Get PrecisionFit Seat Covers?

PrecisionFit Seat Covers are custom-made to order and take approx 4-6 weeks. They are not sitting on a shelf at the factory collecting dust, they are made per order to make sure that you get exactly what you want.

How Do I know Which Seat Cover Style Fits My Vehicle?

Start at the product page and enter: Year | Make | Model, than Submodel, and body style to help narrow down the selection. We will show you seat diagrams to help you match your exact seat style. Seats come in a lot of different styles, with features in your vehicle.

Are PrecisionFit Seat Covers Durable?

Yes Carhartt PrecisionFit and Endura PrecisionFit are good protection choices for work, pets, kids, tools, dirt, dogs, and general wear-and-tear. For long lasting and best protection durability you won't find a better fitting, looking, durable set of seat covers available the Covercraft Precision Fit Seat Covers.

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