Coverking Custom Foldable Windshield Sun Shades $89.99


Coverking Foldable Sunshades custom Perfect fitting sun blockers for your vehicles windshield.

Coverking Custom Foldable Windshield Sun Shades

Protect your vehicles interior by blocking the harmful Sun, Heat and UV with a Custom Foldable Windshield Sun Shade. Prevents interior dashboard, steering wheel from cracking, warping andd fading. Keeps your vehicle interior cooler.

Coverking Custom Sun Shields Windshield Sun Shields

Improves AC efficiency by reducing heat build up, prevents heat and burning surfaces as steering wheels and dashboards. Compact size and rigidity, easy storage. 99.8 % protection from harmful UV rays. Smooth silver vinyl on exterior, corrugated plastic board in the center and a black suede-like material on the interior. Coverking's Custom Foldable Windshield Sun Shades are engineered using state-of-the-art 3D mapping technology. That ensures a custom perfect fit that will matche your vehicle's specification.

Coverking SunShield Installation & Care Instructions

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