Spidy Gear Luggage Webbs $32.99

Spidy Gear Luggage Webb

Spidy Gear ATV Motorcycle Cargo Webbs

Spidy Gear Luggage Webbs

Part # Size Price
80121-01 Luggage Webb - Large (Black) $32.99
80121-03 Luggage Webb - Large (Blue) $32.99
80121-06 Luggage Webb - Large (Red) $32.99
80121-11 Luggage Webb - Large (Yellow) $32.99
80122-01 Luggage Webb - Small (Black) $32.99
80122-03 Luggage Webb - Small (Blue) $32.99
80122-06 Luggage Webb - Small (Red) $32.99
80122-11 Luggage Webb - Small (Yellow) $32.99

Spidy Gear Luggage Webbs patented design uses mother nature's web shape to secure loads quickly and with style. Constructed of heavy duty 6mm 100% stretch shock cords radiate from stainless steel center ring which focuses net's strength at center of load where it is needed. Spidy Web returns to its original unstretched shape after use. Available in Black, Blue, Red and Yellow.

Spidy Gear Luggage Webb
Spidy Gear Luggage Webb

Luggage Webbs ® Spidy Gear

Spidy Gear Truck Bed Webb Spidy Gear Luggage Webb

Spidy Gear Luggage Webb

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