Coverking Poly carpet Dashboard Covers $45.99


Coverking Poly Carpet Dash Covers are extremely durable and made to order per Vehicle.

Coverking Poly carpet Dashboard Covers

Coverking Poly Carpet custom-fit dash covers are made from a dense polyester type carpet, unique fade resistant fabric is extremely tough and will provide protection for your dashboard for years. It is also built to reduce harmful glare from the sun to make your driving easier. All of Coverking custom-fit covers are manufactured in their own factories using unique zig zag stitching. The stitching allows your dash cover to flex and hug the contour of your dashboard for the best look possible. All airbag, sensors, vents or other cutouts are adjusted for a complete custom fit. No need to compromise quality or style when you are looking for a durable dashboard cover.

Coverking Poly carpet Custom Dash Cover: REDUCES GLARE AND PROTECTS AGINST THE SUN

Coverking Custom Poly carpet Dashboard Covers $39.99

Coverking Dashboard Covers colors to choose from:

Black Coverking PolyCarpet Dashboard Cover
Beige Coverking PolyCarpet Dashboard Cover
Blue Coverking PolyCarpet Dashboard Cover
Med Blue
Taupe Coverking PolyCarpet Dashboard Cover
Charcoal Coverking PolyCarpet Dashboard Cover
Gray Coverking PolyCarpet Dashboard Cover
Brown Coverking PolyCarpet Dashboard Cover
Tan Coverking PolyCarpet Dashboard Cover
Wine Coverking PolyCarpet Dashboard Cover
Red Coverking PolyCarpet Dashboard Cover
Blue Coverking PolyCarpet Dashboard Cover
Dark Blue

*** Color may vary since these are digital images

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Poly Carpet Dashboard Cover Cleaning Process:

First of all, use the high suction vacuum cleaner to treat your Poly Carpet Dashboard Cover and then wash the surface of your Poly Carpet Dashboard Cover by using a wet tissue. Now, dip the Poly Carpet Dashboard Cover on the non-caustic, non-toxic, bio-degradable and eco-friendly green-water based anionic detergent and cleanse it properly. After cleaning, wipe the Poly Carpet Dashboard Cover with green tissue with water to extract the soap material and then again wash with dry tissue/soft cotton fabric. Now, dry the Poly Carpet Dashboard Cover completely by air with the help of vacuum cleaner by releasing air outside the cleaner.

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