Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary Covercraft Custom Car Covers

The Ford Mustang celebrates 50 years ! Special Edition Ford Mustang 50 Years silk screened logo. Ford Mustang Pony 50 Years Logo. Celebrate the 50 year anniversary of the Mustang. Over its nearly 50 year history, the Ford Mustang has changed with the times, staying relevant while remaining true its nature as a stylish, sporty car that can be whatever its owners want it to be. With its classic long-hood, short deck proportions and front engine, rear-wheel-drive layout, it was a platform everyone could build on. Here are just a few of the milestones of the past five decades as we look ahead to the next 50 years of Mustang.

Covercraft Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary Custom Car Cover

Ford Mustang 50 Years Car Cover

Click on the Ford Mustang Logo below

Ford Mustang 50 Year Logo

FD-55 Mustang Pony 50 Years - without Border
Size: 7 3/8" x 8" (Car Covers ONLY)

Ford Mustang 50 Years Logo with Border

FD-56 Mustang Pony 50 Years - with Border
Size: 10 7/8" x 11 1/2" (Car Covers UVS Shades)
Covercraft Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary Custom Car Cover

Ford Logo Custom Car Covers

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