DashMat Polycarpet Dashboard Covers

DashMat Dashboard Covers
DashMat Dashboard Covers


  • Soft Foss Fibre carpet, won't fray or unravel
  • Custom made to fit each dashboard
  • Hook & loop fasteners included for easy, secure installation
  • All vent and sensor openings pre-cut (or marked depending on options)
  • Cuts hazardous windshield glare
  • Dramatically reduces windshield haze caused by gasses emitted from the dashboard
  • Protects the dash from sun damages, helping to stop cracking and warping
  • Made of durable, color fast, non-shrinking needle punch carpet
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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• Dashmat is America's #1 dashboard cover,  Adds styling and protection to your vehicle interior, Helps stop dashboard cracks and warping.
• Reduces hazardous windshield glare, Beautifully finished for a custom look, Every contour is precision fit
• Includes openings for passenger side airbags, Easy installation in minutes, Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Choose From 11 Colors.

PolyCarpet & UltiMat Dash Cover Samples

Black (25)

Cinder (79)

Smoke (76)

Grey (47)

Taupe (82)

Mocha (39)

Caramel (22)

Beige (23)

Claret (28)

Navy (62)

Dash Blue (32)
*** Dash Cover Colors may vary since these are digital images
* Notes:
- Actual Dashboard cover colors may vary slightly from the color you see on your screen.
- For maximum windshield glare & reflection reduction we recommend darker colors only.
- In dash speakers are not cut out of dash covers because the fabrics do not distort sounds.
DashMat-like fabrics are used as speaker covers by stereo component manufacturers.
- All late model model vehicles equipped with passenger side air bags, there is a slit made in the dash cover, required by law in case the air bag needs to deploy.
DashMat Polycarpet DashBoard Cover



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