Coverking Triguard Car Covers

A Great Car Cover Material for Light Weather Triguard is a special three layer material intended for light to medium weather outdoor or indoor use. Perfect for protection from dust and animal droppings, not suggested for harsh weather conditions. For those who want the Coverking Custom Fit, but don't need protection from heavy weather, Triguard Custom Car Covers are a great choice. Triguard is a lightweight, three layer material which protects from dirt, dust, light water, bird droppings and other mild hazards. It is perfect for use in a garage or under a carport. Triguard is also treated with UV inhibitors, which helps it stand up to ultra-violet rays emitted by the sun. Although Triguard contains these UV inhibitors, it is not recommended for very sunny climates - Silverguard or Stormproof would be better options. Triguard covers are gray in color and with all Coverking Custom Car Covers, Triguard is custom made to order and takes 7 - 10 days.
Coverking Triguard Custom Car Cover
Triguard Car Cover Material
Triguard Car Cover Material

Coverking Triguard™ Custom Car Cover

• Economical 3-layer material.
• For occasional use or under carport.
• Excellent breathability.
• Fortified with the finest UV light retardants.
• Security Grommets.
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