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Coverking Stormproof Car Covers

Coverking StormProof Car Covers
Custom Car Cover Stormproof The Ultimate Car Cover Material
Stormproof is the culmination of decades of research in microfiber technology. Developed by Coverking specifically for car cover use, Stormproof is totally UNTREATED. Stormproof is INHERENTLY extremely water resistant, fade resistant, and very breathable. Test results show it to be exponentially superior to coated materials. And, because there is no coating to wear off, Stormproof Car Covers will provide the same protection throughout its life! 7 Color Choices + Dual Color Option.
Coverking StormProof Car Covers 13 colors to choose from:
*** Color may vary since these are digital images
The culmination of over 15 years of development, Stormproof material is designed by Coverking and made by one of the world's leading textile mills. It is the most water resistant yet breathable car cover material available. Stormproof car cover material exhibits outstanding sun and U.V. resistance, able to last for years in Arizona sun without fading. The micro-fiber base material is soft to the touch and won't scratch a car's paint - yet is rolls up into a very compact package for easy storage. Stormproof car covers are available in many colors, & as with all Coverking Custom Car Covers, Stormproof Car Covers can be custom made in aprox  7 - 10 days

Coverking Stormproof Custom Car Cover
•Highly water resistant and breathable fabric
•Outstanding protection from the sun
•Fabric is untreated and uncoated – it will last for years without fading
•Micro-fiber fabric is soft and won’t scratch vehicle’s finish
•Custom manufactured to the exact specifications of your vehicle with exact fitting mirror and antenna pockets
•Compact and easy to store
•Available in 13 color options

THE ULTIMATE INDOOR & OUTDOOR PROTECTION Coverking Stormproof Custom Car Cover is a unique, industry leading, multi-purpose cover that is both light weight and extremely durable. Manufactured to the exact specifications of your vehicle, this cover provides the best all around protection against extreme weather. Perfect for those living in the northwest region, this car cover also provides substantial protection against UV rays, snow, rain and other pollutants. On top of that, this fabric is uncoated and untreated so that it will never fade even after years of intense exposure to the sun. This cover can be used both indoors and outdoors.

•Perfect protection against rain, snow and other harsh weather conditions
•Outstanding protection from the sun
•Colors won't fade
•For outdoors & indoors
•Light weight material yet extremely durable.

Stormproof is unique in the field of Custom Car Cover materials in that it is Untreated, Uncoated, and Unprocessed. Through Coverking's advanced textile engineering, Stormproof accomplishes the needs of a premium Car Cover material without the coatings which can easily wear off, the treatments which fade over time, and the processing which can be undone the first time it is exposed to water. Speak to somebody who has owned other "premium" Car Cover materials and you'll hear how the other Car Cover fabrics work as advertised for the first few months, but then degrade in their water resistance - the problem is that the treatments and coatings can wear off, scratch off, or simply wash off. Stormproof is immune to this, because it is inherently water resistant. It has no coating, so it is very breathable. And the fibers have been designed to reflect UV rays, and be immune to the color fading caused by the harsh sun. Stormproof is the only Car Cover material we can suggest for any climate or car cover need - it excels in every area except protection from dings and hail (in which case we recommend Coverbond4. Stormproof will last for years, and compliment your vehicle with the exciting colors and two tone designs it is offered in.

Stormproof Custom Car Covers are available only with Coverking's famous Custom Fit and the unique pattern designs which result in the fewest seams possible - Compare the images on the left. Coverking uses the fewest seams to produce a perfect, custom fit without the "patchwork" look created by sewing small pieces together. Although it costs more, Coverking's designs result in superior fit, looks, and less chance of seams failing or leaking. the most advanced material, Stormproof - Coverking Custom Car Covers are now available in Stormproof material - the latest advancement in Custom Car Cover fabrics. Stormproof Custom Car Covers are more resistant to the elements because the Stormproof Custom Car Cover material is Untreated! Most Car Cover materials are treated or coated to provide protection from the elements. Stormproof Custom Car Covers are inherently water, sun, ice and dust resistant. Washing most Car Covers will strip away the protective coating. Custom Car Covers made from Stormproof remain as resistant to the elements as the day they were produced.

Coverking Stormproof Car Covers
Coverking was overwhelmed after receiving test results of our latest design - Stormproof. The culmination of over a decade of material engineering, it has only recently been possible to manufacture the microscopic yarns which go into this advanced micro-fiber Custom Car Cover material. Only one textile mill in the world was able to meet Coverking's specifications - and although challenged by Coverking's design, the results are truly a triumph for car cover users! Stormproof is UNCOATED and UNTREATED this means that even after months or years of use, it will have the same properties! Stormproof feels more like an expensive golf jacket, yet is tested to be the MOST WATER RESISTANT and (because there are no coatings) the MOST BREATHABLE. You can't go wrong with Stormproof - available in gray, black, red, wine, and two tone combinations with black sides.  More detailed information on Stormproof

Stormproof is a revolutionary premium all-weather fabric used by Coverking for our custom car covers. Stormproof is a special ultra-densely woven polyester fabric. Microfibers are used to create a super-tight, super dense weave that allows air to pass through, but is too tightly woven to allow water molecules to pass. Other fabrics on the market have the same 'breathable' quality, but achieve it through treatments or coatings. Stormproof is un-treated, un-coated - so it will always be water repellant and breathable (coated or treated fabrics will lose their breathability after the coating is worn off). This material is made in Japan.

Coverking developed Stormproof in-house. We first made the specification and assembled several tests to benchmark our desire for Stormproof - that was the easy part. Finding a mill that was capable of weaving such a dense fabric was tougher. Ultimately, after over 2 years of searching, we found a special technical textile mill in Japan. After months of trial and error, the mill achieved our desire - and Stormproof has been protecting vehicles ever since.

Coverking uses wax coated thread in overlapped, double stitched seams. The wax coating expands in the pierced hole created during the stitching process, to help cover the hole. Once again, some competitors take the cheaper route by using an ultra-sonic welding of the material instead of sewing. This process is far cheaper, because it melts the fabric layers together. It also doesn't use any thread. Unfortunately, the area melted together becomes very hard and examples of scratching the vehicle surface are not uncommon.

Coverking offers a 4 year repair or replace warranty on custom Stomrproof covers.

Stormproof can be easily cleaned by washing while on a vehicle. Use common carwash detergent, and air dry.

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