Coverking Tactical A-TACS Camo Custom Seat Covers $389.99


Coverking Tactical A-TACS Camo Seat Covers protect and conceal assortment of ATACS camo patterns are the latest designs to grace the Coverking Ballistic custom seat cover product line.

Coverking A-TACS Tactical Seat Covers

Coverking ATACS Camo is currently deployed with various tactical professionals including law enforcement and special operations personnel world-wide. While the A-TACS camo are digital in nature, the actual imagery of the design are not square pixilation, but instead a series of micro patterns that are mathematically arranged in mass clusters to produce a new level of concealment. All this concealment imagery technology is prominently applied on our ultra-tough Cordura Ballistic Seat Covers for a one of a kind look. Matching the style, the ballistic cover is rugged enough to withstand the day to day abuse of tool carrying construction workers. It’s made from 500 Denier Cordura and internally aligned with a water-resistant lining. It is also UV treated to protect against stains and extreme sunlight exposure. In addition, this package also includes the military style MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) system that conveniently fits on the back-side of the seat, allowing for that extra storage. Combined with Coverking's unique 6pouch MOLLE system, you can store your camp gear, fishing gear or other tools. The use of MOLLE systems was pioneered by the military and incorporated in our design. Now you can have the right equipment with you in your vehicle at all times.

Coverking Tactical A-TACS Camo Custom Seat Covers

Coverking Tactical A-TACS Urban Seat Covers
Arid Urban
Coverking Tactical A-TACS Green Seat Covers
Foliage Green
Coverking Tactical A-TACS Law Seat Covers
Law Enforcement

*** Color may vary since these are digital images

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