Coverking Neosupreme Camo Real Tree Custom Seat Covers

Coverking Neosupreme Camo Real Tree Custom Seat Covers
GENUINE REALTREEĀ® DESIGN For the hunting enthusiasts, Coverkingā€™s Neosupreme Seat Covers now feature the unparalleled depth, look and contrast of the Real Tree Camo. Now you can get exclusive Advantage Timber, AP, Hardwoods & Max-4 designs. Every stump, branch and leaf adds to the incredible realism and detail not seen in other traditional camouflage. Real Tree designs feature natural foliage including cattails, millet, milo, cornstalks, sunflowers, oak, maple leaves, cedar, oak and a variety of other plant life. These seat covers are also quite versatile in function. Made from our Neosupreme material, each cover offers the unique soft and gentle feel while providing superb seat protection. Since these covers are custom made, each cover will install with ease for a snug fit. Each row of seats includes headrest, armrest, center console (split bench rows only), air bag cutouts and map pockets where applicable.

Coverking Neosupreme Camo Real Tree color patterns to choose from:

Advantage Timber




Max 5

AP Pink

Max 1

*** Color may vary since these are digital images



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