Coverking Moving Blanket Indoor Car Cover

Coverking Moving Blanket Custom Fit Car Covers

•Thick, quilted blanket with extra padding, for indoor use.
•Perfect for tucking your baby in during storage or transport.
•Keep your car safe from kids, tools, bikes while in your garage
•Custom made patterns for your specific vehicle.
•Matching mirror and antenna pockets included when aplicable.
•Elasticized edges for snug fit.
•Made to order at Coverking Factory in California.

Coverking Moving Blanket Coverking Moving Blanket Car Cover Material
Coverking Moving Blanket Car Cover Material
Moving Blanket Car Cover
Garage Hazards
Get maximum protection from the other things in your garage - bikes, bins, ladders, tools. The thick padding creates a safe space for your car to hibernate.
Moving Blanket Car Cover
Quilted Padded
A layer of padding is quilted between two layers of fabric, keeping the padding evenly distributed, providing maximum protection for your prized possession.
Moving Blanket Car Cover
Protect Enhance
Like all Coverking products, the Custom Moving Blanket Vehicle Cover is designed to proudly protect your vehicle, keeping it in prime condition and ready to enjoy.
Moving Blanket Car Cover
Form Fitting
When you need the protection of a thick quilt, but want a sleek looking, fitted cover, choose Coverking's Custom Moving Blanket Cover.
Coverking custom covers

Advanced Car Cover Patterns

Coverking car covers are made to order, crafted specifically for your vehicle using computer aided designs.
Coverking custom covers

Superior Performance

Coverking engineers design its fabrics, specify material composition and construction, meeting the most stringent auto test requirements.
Coverking custom covers

Fewest Cover Seams

Extra seams increase the chance of leakage and failure.  Coverking car covers have the fewest possible seams, best looking & fitting.
Coverking custom covers


Coverking car covers available in 9 materials, for indoor & outdoor use + many color choices.
Coverking custom covers

Quality Construction

Coverking outdoor car covers are sewn using double needle overlapped leak resistant seams, + backup stitch.



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