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Coverking Custom Covers
* Please Note: December 10th is the Christmas cut off date for all Covering products.
We specialize in Coverking Car Seat Covers, Custom Car Covers, Dashboard Covers, Car Sunshades and Car Floor Mats.
  • Custom fit Car Covers for Cars Trucks SUV's & Vans
  • Material & Color Choices
  • 2 weeks for custom car covers
  • Custom Car Seat Covers for Cars Trucks SUV's & Vans
  • Perfect Fitting, Made in USA Factory !
  • 2 - 3 weeks for custom made to order car and truck seat covers

  • Custom Dashboard & Rear Deck Covers
  • PolyCarpet, Suede, Velour, Fashion Print, Molded
  • 7 - 10 days for custom car dashboard covers
  • Custom Car Floor Mats Highest quality
  • heaviest weight 70 oz nylon carpet
  • custom cut to fit your vehicle's floorboards perfectly!
  • 7 - 10 days to make custom car floor mats

  • Custom fit UV Sun Heat Shields, Reflective Silver high quality
  • Sunshields for Sun UV & Heat protection w/ velcro strap to store.
  • Tri-laminate material Mylar, high-density insulating foam
  • Additional layer of aluminized Mylar for UV & Heat Protection
  • 7 - 10 days for custom car sun shields
  • RV Covers Class A, C, 5th Wheel & Travel Trailer
  • 20' - 42' RV Covers

  •  2 - 3 weeks for custom car bras and hood protectors
  • Universal Car Covers: Cars, Trucks, SUVs, & Limos
  • 3 Materials to choose from: Coverguard - Triguard - Coverbond

Coverking Motorcycle, & Bicycle Covers

Coverking Motorcycle Covers
  Select $59.99
MotorCycles, Scooter, MoPeds, Bicycles

Coverking Car Pet Seat Protector
Coverking Car Seat Pet Protector
Select $49.99 Cordura Black
  • 1680 Denier Ballistic Polyester Waterproof Fabric
  • Machine Washable Heavy Duty Protects rear seating area
  • Anchored in place using the headrests and seat belts
  • Fully adjustable for bench or bucket seats
  • Protect seat backs from children's feet, food and drink spills.
  • Easy to install and remove; compact to store.
  • Machine washable.

Steering Wheel Grip  -  Seat Belt Cushion  -  Utility Caddy
Coverking Steering Wheel Grip   Coverking Seat Belt Cushion   Coverking Utility Caddy
$19.99 ea
Coverking Interior Accessories
Coverking Car Cover Bags
Coverking Car Cover Bags Coverking Car Cover Bag Select $19.99
Duffel Bags Stormproof Red, Black & Silverguard

Coverking is committed to manufacturing the best Custom Car Covers, Seat Covers, Floor Mats, Sunshields and Dash Covers for our customers.
Car Covers, Seat Covers, Dash Covers, & Car Floor Mats are all custom made to order, Please allow production time.
(Actual colors may vary slightly from the color you see on your screen)

Custom Car Seat Covers Coverking Custom Car Seat Covers are designed to shield the original parts of your vehicle from damage, conceal any existing wear and tear and provide a truly customized and unique look to the interior. Our custom car seat covers are designed to fit any upholstery like a second skin, so much so that it is difficult to decipher that the interior has been covered! Coverking Custom Seat Covers are designed to accommodate special headrests, armrests, map pockets and airbags and are also available for rear seats and provide for console covers on split-bench seats. Coverking custom car seat covers are ISO/TS 16949 quality certified - the highest rating available in the automobile industry. Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, Coverking car seat covers can also be embroidered or logos like Silverado, Corvette, Chevy and plenty of others. So strap in and enjoy your new Coverking custom car covers !

Custom Dashboard Covers Coverking Dashboard Covers protect and beautify your vehicle's dashboard. Every day, your car or truck's dashboard is exposed to the harsh effects of UV rays, hot and cold temperatures and moisture. Despite the modern manufacturing technology used for automobile dashboards, UV rays can wreak havoc on your dashboard. Yes, regardless of geographical location or the season, these harmful UV rays are present at all times. The dashboard is the part of the car most prominent as it is in the direct line of sight to both driver and passenger. An unsightly dashboard is not only an irritant, but it can also be quite expensive to replace, making a Coverking Dashboard Cover the best investment for your vehicle. Further, car dashboard covers protect the driver from the glare that can reflect off a normally shiny dashboard. Coverking dash covers can be personalized with embroidery or logos.

Custom Car Floor Mats Coverking quality carpet floor mats and durable clear vinyl car floor mat. Coverking's premium tufted car floor mats are superior in quality to the original floor mats offered by most auto manufacturers, including manufacturers of luxury European vehicles. Made with the heaviest, deepest pile, Coverking car floor mats are superior to all others on the market. Backed with a thick, no-skid polyurethane rubber to retain the position of the mat, they conform comfortably to the foot. Top-notch construction goes into every piece: Embroidered vehicle emblems are ultrasonically welded to the mats and hand-beveled around the emblem and outer edges, while the yarn is chemically treated for stain and soil resistance. Coverking luxury tufted car floor mats backed with a non-skid lining, are made with the same excellent craftsmanship and quality that comes with every Coverking product. Coverking's floor mats have been engineered to cover the maximum area of the foot well. When required, Coverking car floor mats are designed with eyelets for exact positioning. All Coverking products are designed and manufactured with state-of-the-art CAD/CAM systems and TS16949 certified, the highest quality standard for automotive manufacturing. Also available from Coverking are custom car floor mat overlays, made from heavy, clear vinyl completed with a nibbed backing, these car floor mat protectors allow the vehicle's original carpet color to show through while staying protected. Car protector mats look great with any interior color and the Coverking's clear vinyl mats cover and protect the existing luxury floor mat when occupants enter the vehicle with dirty or wet shoes.

Custom Car Covers Coverking car covers are available in a large selection of materials, colors and designs. Coverking car covers adhere to the most stringent auto-industry requirements with regard to fabrics, manufacturing techniques, finishing and packaging. Coverking car covers offers the largest selection of custom car covers, from the early 1900s to the present. Coverking car covers from budget-minded consumer to the enthusiast who insists on nothing but the best for his top of the line, high-performance vehicle. Coverking custom car covers are designed and cut on sophisticated CAD/CAM systems, pioneered by Coverking more than 20 years ago. All outdoor Coverking car covers are sewn using double needles and overlapping seams, resulting in a durable, leak-resistant stitch that's coupled with a backup seam for extra protection. Coverkin covers are sewn using heavy, wax-coated thread to help seal the fabric where sewing machine needles have pierced a hole, reducing the chance of seam leakage. Coverking's indoor satin stretch car cover is sewn with a "blind" seam, ideal for indoor car show applications. All Coverking custom car covers are come with neoprene elastic tensioners, sewn into the front and rear sections of the cover, while protected grommets ( for use with our optional car cover lock & cable kit), sewn into the car covers sides hidden from view.

Coverking Seat Covers are available in Coverking Custom Fit. Seat Covers are designed to protect the original seat upholstery from various hazards, add style, and cover up any existing damage. Because a vehicle seat is exposed to such varied uses and potential damage, Coverking has selected several fabrics - each with their own qualities, protection levels, and price segments. Coverking insists on the best fit possible, given the constraints of easy installation. Coverking utilizes the latest computer design and manufacturing techniques to provide the ultimate fit and protection. Special care is taken to assure airbag compliance - so much, that Coverking has had its seat covers tested in an actual vehicle airbag deployment test. All Coverking seat covers are designed to be installed in less than half an hour, by basically slipping over the original seat - the seat covers can similarly be quickly removed, cleaned, and re-installed.Unfortunately, many companies sell 'custom' seat covers, which are a far cry from Coverking's fit. Some shortcuts used include a generic cutout for all possible controls, using different materials for the back or sides of the seat cover, and simply using sub-standard or OR 'over-run' fabrics. If you have further questions on Coverking seat covers, please don't hesitate to ask. We have also included detailed material information for all our seat cover fabrics. CarCoverUSA is a authorized Coverking Car Cover & Seat Covers Internet Dealer. Fast factory direct shipping on all Coverking Car Covers, Seat Covers, Dash Board Covers custom made or universal fit. Easy shopping: for all Coverking Covers simply point and click on the Coverking cover of your choice. By using the internet we can offer you the Coverking auto product line at the best prices. Cover king car covers and Coverking seat covers are among the best in the industry. All Coverking vehicle covers both universal and custom made covers are shipped factory direct to your door. Our easy to use web site allows you to browse for your Coverking car cover and seat covers, decide if you want custom made or universal fit than use our easy to pay checkout to make your purchase.

Coverking custom seat covers protect the original upholstery from damage, cover up any existing damage, and provide a more personalized look to a vehicle interior. Coverking custom seat covers are designed to fit perfectly. Because many seats have reclining, folding and removal features, Coverking covers are designed to allow complete use of the seat features. Coverking seat covers always includes headrests, armrests, console covers for split bench seats, and map pockets. For many vehicles, Coverking offers custom seat covers for the rear seats. Coverking seat covers also have provisions for side airbags. Coverking insists on testing its seat cover materials, and offers a wide selection of colors and patterns. Embroidered GM logos are available. Coverking is also the only custom seat cover manufacturer to be quality certified QS-9000 and TS16949. Coverking cover customers are thrilled with our quality. Coverking seat cover customers are shocked as to the fit and quality of our custom seat covers. Thank you for your interest in Coverking covers.

Please contact us via email which we do respond to very quickly. If you would prefer to make your purchase over the phone or have to speak with someone you can call and leave a message. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you, but we feel it will give us the ability to offer you the best prices at the fastest delivery. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to doing business with you.

Why use a Car Cover?
  1. Quality car covers from reputable manufacturers keep a vehicle's re-sale value higher because the paint and interior will be in better condition when the vehicle is sold.
  2. Thieves and vandals will be less likely to attack a covered vehicle - they can't see what is inside, and they don't want to call attention to themselves while taking off the car cover.
  3. In sunny climates, car covers will keep your vehicle cooler
  4. Coverking's fit, construction and color choices make the car cover look great.
  5. Less money will be spent detailing a vehicle, because a good car cover will prevent water spots, damage from acid rain and bird droppings, and the paint dulling brought by U.V. rays and blowing sand.
  6. Car Covers made from thick materials like Coverbond4 will resist minor dings and nicks from pets, children, and light hail
  7. For people who park their vehicles in long term parking such as airports, a Coverking Custom Car Cover will eliminate the need to pay extra for covered parking.

Coverking's Warranty? I've seen Car Covers with Lifetime Warranties.
Coverking's standard warranty period is 1 year. Some materials, such as Stormproof, have longer warranties. In these cases, the warranty is pro-rated. Some discount stores offer car covers with Lifetime Warranties. Unfortunately, it is impossible for a car cover, especially the inexpensive models sold by discount stores and on cheap websites, to last a lifetime - there simply is no car cover fabric which will last more than 5 years in the Phoenix sun.  Companies and people who sell car covers with Lifetime Warranties are betting that their customers will not use their product, and forget about their purchase - similar to the business model used by fitness gyms. Coverking WANTS our customers to use our products, and we apply a realistic warranty.

How "custom" are your covers? Do you make a pattern for EVERY car model?
Coverking Custom Car Covers are made specifically to ONE individual vehicle. Many times, several Coverking Custom patterns are offered for a vehicle - for example; if a vehicle has a rear spoiler, a GPS antenna, etc. Coverking has thousands of patterns. Because each fabric has different stiffness and stretch, each pattern is modified for the type of fabric used - resulting in well over 100,000 patterns. Because of the wide selection of patterns, fabrics and colors, Coverking has no stock. Beware of companies selling a custom cover from stock - most likely, it is not a true custom fit.

Why don't you offer the same fabrics other Car Cover manufacturers offer?
Coverking produces what it believes are the best products in the market. With Custom Car Covers, Coverking examined the wide selection of fabrics offered and felt Coverking's engineers could design a superior material. Test results show Coverking's fabrics to be superior in areas of fabric breathability, water resistance, and abrasion resistance. Coverking chooses to fund engineering and design of fabrics instead of marketing of fabrics. Unfortunately, some companies choose to sell snake oil over investing the time and expense of a proper education.

Coverking claims superior construction. But don't more pieces = better fit?
Coverking's fewest seams construction results in better fitting, better looking custom car covers. The fewer seams also result in less chance of leaks from the seams and ripping at the seams. The only disadvantage of Coverking's construction is that it uses significantly more fabric to make the custom car cover. By "chopping up" a car cover into a patchwork, other cover manufacturers gain significant cost savings - but they produce an inferior product for their customers.

Return Policy
If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return the item within 30 days of delivery of your order - no hassles. The item (s) must be in new condition, & re-sellable including original packaging, parts and paperwork. Orders returned in a new, ready-to-sell condition will receive a full and prompt refund, excluding any shipping costs. **We do not accept returns of used or dirty items, returns of products such as "custom made", or items returned more than 30 days after delivery

Coverking is the premier designer and manufacturer of Custom Car, Truck Van and SUV covers, Custom Seat Covers, Custom Dashboard Covers, Custom Floor mats and Custom Sunshields. Our attention to detail results in the most intricate Custom Car Cover patterns, Car Seat Covers which look like original upholstery, Dash Covers which fit like a glove, and Custom Floor mats which cover the floorboard better than a vehicle's original floor mats.

Two Decades of Perfection
Coverking was founded in 1986. Since then, Coverking purchased various automotive companies, some of which dated back to 1974. Quality, Technology, and Service lead to our stellar Customer Satisfaction, are the basis of all product lines. Coverking was founded in Southern California by an Industrial and Electrical Engineer who worked in Southern California's Aerospace Defense industry. The experience and knowledge acquired over decades of work on the most sophisticated defense weapons systems was applied to the relatively backward industry of cut-and-sew custom automotive accessories. Advanced CAD/CAM systems which were designed for aerospace use were purchased for making Custom Dash Covers. Overkill, perhaps, but it brought the Dash Cover market (which was content with production times of 30 days) quite a jump in business when Coverking began supplying a custom, one-off product in 1 day. The accuracy & precision of the CAD and CAM systems lead to previously unattainable levels of pattern quality, and the automation created efficiencies which allowed Coverking to produce better fitting product, in a fraction of the time, for less money that the competitors of the day. This same recipe was later applied to Custom Floor Mats, Custom Car Covers, Custom Seat Covers & Custom Sunshields. With each of these product lines, Coverking gained market share & raised the bar for the automotive aftermarket. Coverking continues to expand into markets where quality and efficiency are rewarded, while maintaining it's main manufacturing base in California, and it's commitment to our employees, suppliers & customers.

Coverking pioneered ISO Quality Standards in the Automotive Softgoods Accessory market.
Coverking was the first Automotive Softgoods Aftermarket manufacturer to gain ISO Quality Certification. After Coverking set the bar by gaining the strict ISO:9001 certification, other manufacturers were forced to improve their quality systems. Coverking continues it's lead, having attained QS:9000 and TS16949 certifications. What is the TS16949 Quality System? ISO/TS 16949:2002 is an International Standards Organization Technical Specification, which aligns existing American (QS-9000), German (VDA6.1), French (EAQF) and Italian (AVSQ) quality systems standards, with the aim of eliminating the need for multiple certifications to satisfy multiple customer requirements. Together with ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949:2002 specifies the quality system requirements for the design/development, production, installation and servicing of products. In addition, there are customer specific requirements that are required by individual subscribing vehicle manufacturers. Why produce such a high level of quality for products such as seat covers, car covers and dash covers? To some, the expense, time and effort spent attaining these quality standards seems overkill for the products manufactured. Coverking is Passionate about products - Purchasing a Coverking product is that it will most likely fit better, be made of superior materials, and cost less in a year's time. Coverking's passion flows from the top down. Upper management sets the tone for our level of quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction. Some cutting-edge manufacturing processes have been developed by Coverking for making products the best they can possibly be. Critical view of products and always consider customer feedback.
Coverking products have a 1 year warranty unless otherwise noted on the product pages. If a product fails under normal use during the warranty period, Coverking will repair or replace the product. Warranty claims must be issued an RGA number. To obtain an RGA number, email Include your  order number, contact information, and a the reason for return.

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