Coverking Car Duster

Coverking Premium Wax Coated Car Duster $14.99
Coverkings Wax Coated Duster (M12) use before installing a Car Cover. Paraffin wax coated strands attract dust like a magnet. Storage bag included. Tired of a build-up of dust making your car look dirty between washes ? If so than the our car duster is the perfect solution. Coverkings specially designed wax-coated fibers attract and hold dust particles to restore the shine of your vehicle. In just minutes, our car duster will remove all loose dust from your car and give it that look you want.
  • Make your car sparkle after storage
  • Reduce washings needed
  • Wax coated fibers lift dust easily
  • 15 inch cleaning head
Coverking Wax Coated Car Duster
Coverking Wax Coated Car Duster
Description Part # Price
Coverking Wax Coated Car Duster M12 $19.99



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