Coverking AutoBody Armor Car Covers from $499.99

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Coverking Auto Body Armor Car Cover material takes the stretch of Coverking Satin Stretch custom covers, and combines it with all weather protection.

Coverking AutoBody Armor Car Cover

Starting from $499.99

A middle layer of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) provides your vehicle with the best water resistance available from a Custom Car Cover today. Two outer layers of woven polyester reinforce and protect the inner layer while allowing breathability. Protect your vehicle from the elements while keeping a perfect fit ! Soft inner fleece lining.


AutoBody Armor Car Cover Material

AutoBody Armor Car Cover Material

Coverking AutoBody Armor™ Custom Car Cover

  • Autobody Armor combines the sleek Satin Stretch fit with the protection of Silverguard.
  • Highest water resistance and breathability.
  • Provides maximum protection from damaging UV rays.
  • Three outer-layers to protect against the elements, including preventing nicks and dings.
  • Includes soft inner fleece lining to pamper the finish of your car.

Advanced Car Cover Patterns

Coverking custom covers

Coverking car covers are made to order, crafted specifically for your vehicle using computer aided designs.

Superior Performance

Coverking custom covers

Coverking engineers design its fabrics, specify material composition and construction, meeting the most stringent auto test requirements.

Fewest Cover Seams

Coverking custom covers

Extra seams increase the chance of leakage and failure. Coverking car covers have the fewest possible seams, best looking and fitting.


Coverking custom covers

Coverking car covers available in 9 materials, for indoor & outdoor use + many color choices.

Quality Construction

Coverking custom covers

Coverking outdoor car covers are sewn using double needle overlapped leak resistant seams, + backup stitch.

Coverking's Autobody Armor offers maximum protection for both indoor and outdoor use. This custom car cover features three layers of fabric to create a strong barrier against water, UV rays, dirt, dust, animal droppings and pollutants. All fabrics are made from breathable materials to eliminate condensation under the cover. To further protect the finish of your car, we've added a soft fleece liner for a gentle enclosure around your Vehicle. As with all Coverking covers, Autobody Armor is manufactured to the exact specifications of your Vehicle with mirror and antenna pockets included. This custom cover will fit your Vehicle like a glove. Three layers of material for maximum protection.

Material Information - Autobody Armor™ Car Covers

Autobody Armor™ is an exclusive fabric for car covers, combining the stretch fit of Coverking's Satin Stretch™ Covers with the water repellence of Coverking's Stormproof™material. No other car cover is able to provide such a combination. After receiving several requests, Coverking's best for fit with outdoor protection - the ultimate proof is thousands of customers using Autobody Armor™ car covers.


Coverking developed Autobody Armor™ its a laminate of polyester, lycra™, microporus film and a soft liner. Perfecting the laminating process, to keep the layers together while maintaining water resistance. It hasn't been equaled yet.


Coverking uses wax coated thread in overlapped, double stitched seams. The wax coating expands in the pierced hole created during the stitching process, to help cover the hole.


Coverking offers a 5 year repair or replace factory warranty on custom Autobody Armor™ car covers.


Autobody Armor™ car covers can be easily cleaned by washing while on a vehicle. Use common carwash detergent, and air dry.

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