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Covercraft Weathershield Multi Color Car Covers high performance car cover fabric the Covercraft Weathershield HP.

Covercraft Weathershield Multi Color Car Covers

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You choose your top and side colors for a custom look from the below color choices. Choice of top and side colors with patented immersion finish, sheds water, dust & resist's sun and UV. Light Compact for easy storage, warranty: 4 Year factory.

Weathershield Multi Color Car Cover

Weathershield Multi Color Car Cover

Weathershield Multi Color   - Great Protection Indoors & Out!

Weathershield Multi Color Blue Car Cover Material Sample
Weathershield Multi Color Black Car Cover Material Sample
Weathershield Multi Color Gray Car Cover Material Sample
Weathershield Multi Color Red Car Cover Material Sample
Weathershield Multi Color Taupe Car Cover Material Sample
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Covercraft Weathershield HP Multi Color Car Covers.

Covercraft Weathershield HP Car Covers

Q - What makes WeatherShield a high-performance vehicle cover fabric?
A - The patented immersion encapsulation finish process produces a fabric that is highly water resistant, dust-proof and still breathable. Originally developed for outdoor performance wear (parkas, pants, etc.) and sheets and gowns for hospital-institutional use the process uses heat and pressure to place high-performance formulas inside the fabric. They wrap themselves around each individual thread and fill the voids between the weave to form an impenetrable barrier against the elements. Take a sample piece of WeatherShield and place it under a faucet. The fabric sheds water immediately, making it look like beads of mercury flowing off a surface!

Q - What other elements will WeatherShield protect my vehicle against?
A - It's a classic battle - you against the elements! WeatherShield puts you on the winning side by protected both the interior and exterior of a vehicle against damage from sun (UV), pollutants, bird droppings, tree sap, salt air, acid rain and dust/dirt. Normal rain isn't the enemy of a vehicles finish, the bulk of the damage occurs from things settling on the vehicles surface and then being baked into the paint finish by hot sun. Additionally, UV rays damage the pigments in paint and the dash and seats of the vehicles interior.

Q - How is WeatherShield different from other car cover fabrics?
A - Because it's a single layer weave, the fabric is compact for easier storage, and the fabric finish assures the material will only retain a fraction of its weight (up to 2%) in moisture, compared to popular multi-layer nonwoven materials which can absorb up to 40% of their weight during a rain storm. Either fabric type can be stored wet, but WeatherShield takes just a quick shake before storage to remove any surface moisture.

Q - Is WeatherShield fabric strong?
A - Covercraft selected polyester as the base fabric because it's very strong and naturally resistant to moisture and UV. The tight weave of the fabric results in a material that has high tensile strength in both the warp and weave (width and length) of the material.

Q - Is WeatherShield fabric UV resistant?
A - In addition to polyester's natural UV resistance, UV inhibitors are added to the immersion finish process. WeatherShield covers carry a 4-year limited warranty against the cover becoming unserviceable during normal use. Covercraft will repair or replace the cover after factory inspection.

Q - How protective is WeatherShield for today's water-based paints and clear-coat finishes?
A - Because patented encapsulation process uses formulas that make the fabric is slick and smooth on the underside to glide over any paint finish. We always recommend using a cover on a clean car for best results. Use of a "duster" prior to covering a car will add to the length of time between washing.

Q - How easy is care and maintenance of a WeatherShield cover?
A - Because the fabric is so compact, most car-sized covers can be cleaned in a HOME washer and dryer. Using just a 1/4 cup of Simple Green concentrated biodegradable cleaner the cover can be washed in cold or warm water. Covers should always be run through at least two rinse cycles to remove all the cleaner residue. The cover can then be dried in most dryers using the "Permanent Press" settings. The warmth of the dryer actually rejuvenates finish and we recommend covers be dried an extra 30 minutes, with mild heat, after the regular dry time (see instruction sheet). Most times, when a cover is "wets-out", it is because of contamination and dirt on the surface of the fabric that allows moisture to migrate through the material. When washing, it is critically important to rinse the cover thoroughly - any cleaner residue will also allow moisture to pass through the cover.

Q - Is it true that Covercraft makes covers for almost anything with wheels?
A - Since 1965, Covercraft has amassed a pattern library of over 80,000 custom patterns for car, vans, trucks, RV's, trailers, street rods, modified performance imports, ATV's and motorcycles (including compact touring covers). If a pattern isn't available Covercraft will make one, using dimensions supplied on one of their specialty pattern sheets!

Weathershield HP Multi Color Car Cover

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