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Covercraft Industries ultimate all-weather cover fabric, the WeatherShield car cover has now been improved. The WeatherShield HP car cover is the next generation of this exclusive high-performance fabric, and technological advances have made it almost totally fade resistant. This Eco-friendly material is finished with the worldwide patented EPIC by Nextec encapsulation technology to help shed moisture and harmful UV rays. It’s rated BEST for severe weather outdoor storage. This exclusive Weathershield HP cover finish protects against dirt, tree sap, bird droppings and can assist against minor paint damage. WeatherShield HP covers breathe to allow moisture and condensation to escape from under the cover, preventing surface damage and interior mildew. WeatherShield HP car covers are available in eight solid colors, or a combination of two colors, and all car covers are custom made from Covercrafts library of over 80,000 domestic and import car, truck and SUV patterns. WeatherShield HP car covers fold into a small compact size for easy trunk storage, and can be cleaned in most home washer/dryers! Custom Weathershield HP car covers can be made from your measurements and specifications.

Covercraft Weathershield HP Car Covers

Covercraft Weathershield HP Car Covers

Covercraft Weathershield HP Fabric Chart

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WeatherShield's Key Features and Benefits

WeatherShield HP Car Cover

Why WeatherShield?

Over 20 years ago Covercraft partnered with Nextec Applications, Inc., a technology leader that pioneered a new process for creating performance fabrics used primarily in the outdoor clothing industry. By using precise polymer placement and special chemistries, they were able to place protective finishes inside the fabric, encapsulating the actual woven fibers to transform ordinary fabric into extra-ordinary! The encapsulation processes, methods and equipment are protected by more than 51 patents issued or pending in the U.S. and internationally.

Working with Nextec's extensive R&D resources Covercraft created what is considered the "perfect" fabric for outdoor or indoor vehicle protection.

WeatherShield® HP (for "high performance") is manufactured with solution-dye fibers which makes fabrics more fade resistant and is currently one of the most ecologically responsible ways to produce fabric. Solution-dye isn't really a dye process, the color pigments are mixed into the compound that is extruded as thread. This puts the color all the way through each fiber (fade resistant) and saves 1,000 gallons of water for every 1,000 yards of fabric produced since we don’t have to surface dye the fabric!

To construct this amazing fabric, prefinishing chemistries are applied to the solution-dye polyester fabric to prep it for the encapsulation process. Nextec proprietary equipment then applies a viscous (gooey) patented mixture of silicon-based polymers onto the fabric. Energy (heat and pressure) is applied to the polymers, working them inside the fabric and wrapping the individual fade resistant fibers. All but the smallest spaces are filled and the micro holes that remain allow the fabric to "breathe" so any moisture or heat under the cover can easily escape. Specially designed ovens cure the polymers to a solid state and the fabric is ready to make into covers.

No microfibers, no laminates, no surface coatings... EPIC® by Nextec's encapsulation process delivers all weather protection, compact packability, easy care, and a soft-to-paint touch without sacrificing breathability.

WeatherShield is not waterproof, but if kept clean it will shed most water and help prevent dust, dirt, bird droppings and tree sap from reaching the vehicle surface. The breathable properties of the fabric assure that any heat, moisture or condensation under the cover can easily escape.

Covercraft Weathershield HP Available Colors
Weathershield Bright Blue Car Cover Material Sample
Bright Blue (PA)
Weathershield Black Car Cover Material Sample
Black (PB)
Weathershield Gray Car Cover Material Sample
Gray (PG)
Weathershield Light Blue Car Cover Material Sample
Light Blue (PL)
Weathershield Green Car Cover Material Sample
Green (PN)
Weathershield Red Car Cover Material Sample
Red (PR)
Weathershield Yellow Car Cover Material Sample
Yellow (PY)
Weathershield Taupe Car Cover Material Sample
Taupe (PT)
*** Color may vary since these are digital images

The Ultimate all-weather Weathershield car cover fabric just got better!

How can you make a fabric that's been selected as an OE choice for luxury, high-performance and specialty vehicles and motorcycles better?

The worldwide patented EPIC by Nextec finish helps shed moisture and stops dust, dirt and tree sap from reaching your vehicles finish. The fabric "breathes" to allow moisture, condensation and heat to easily escape from under the cover. The encapsulation technology goes INSIDE the fabric, around the fibers, resulting in a silky smooth finish that glides over fine paint finishes.

Nextec engineers have now married solution-dyed fibers to the EPIC finish in an environmentally friendly process that features much lower CO2 emissions! Also called "dope-dyeing" the high-performance polyamide fibers require no dyeing after weaving, saving water and energy consumption and slashing wastewater, a byproduct of traditional surface dye processing. Using solution-dyed fibers can save as much as 1,000 gallons of water for every 1,000 yards of fabric produced!

Color permanency is the key to our new WeatherShield HP - the color is extruded INSIDE the fibers for maximum fade resistance, NOT a surface dye coating. The result is a cover that's provides all-weather protection, machine washable, fade resistant AND environmentally friendly!

WeatherShield HP Car Covers are available in eight (8) colors and you can order your cover in single or two color combinations.

The best vehicle protection available now comes in colors! Covercraft's custom patterned WeatherShield car and truck covers are now available in custom colors as well. You can combine Black, Red, Yellow, Bright Blue, Green, Light Blue, Taupe or Gray into the color scheme of your choice. You can have a striking solid color or select two different color panels, one color for the sides and a different color for the top, in whatever combination you want. These colorful WeatherShield car covers are custom made for your vehicle and are a perfect fit. WeatherShield car covers weigh only 5-ounces per square yard, packs into 1/3 the space, and a mid-sized cover or smaller can be washed and dried at home. Weather Shield car covers provide immediate water dispersion, dries in minutes, is dust proof and UV resistant, and breathes to allow moisture to escape while keeping your vehicle dry and clean. Weather Shield car covers patented immersion process uses heat and pressure to make ordinary fabric extraordinary! Custom Patterned WeatherShield custom car covers shed moisture immediately and all you have to do is shake the cover and it will dry in minutes. WeatherShield custom car covers fold to about 1/2 the size of non-woven covers and "breathe" to let moisture and heat escape from under the material. COVERCRAFT's WeatherShield custom car features Nextec, a finish that uses a patented encapsulation process to place an ultra-thin film around the fabric fibers. This durable barrier is built into the fabric and between the fiber bundles, safeguarding your vehicles interior and finish.

WeatherShield Car Covers Weather, both good and bad, has an effect on your vehicle. The potent summer sun’s heat and UV rays, and winters cold and damp, can damage both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. WeatherShield Car Covers is Covercraft’s answer to both seasons, plus it repels water, blocks dust, tree sap and bird droppings, while allowing heat and moisture to escape. And, WeatherShield car covers are heavier thread construction provide double the tear and tensile strength of most vehicle covers, and can assist against minor paint damage! Plus it folds into a compact size for easy trunk storage and can be cleaned in most home washer/dryers. WeatherShield Car Covers eco-friendly solution-dye is fade resistant with pigment added during fiber production. These fibers are then spun into yarn, resulting in permeated color throughout the fabric, creating a consistent, lasting color. The world-wide patented Nextec encapsulation process forces specially formulated polymers inside the fabric to bond to each thread, and fill the valleys in between the woven fibers. This creates a fabric ideal for maximum performance and protection in harsh environments, and the covers glide over fine paint finishes for easy installation and removal. It’s also perfect for long-term outdoor storage. It’s available in eight solid colors or a combination of any two colors. Find out more about WeatherShield car covers, and all their vehicle protection products from CarCoverUSA, inc.

Covercraft Weathershield HP Car Cover

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