Covercraft UltraTect Car Covers

Ultratect was developed from the need for a car cover that would retain it's color and strength during extended outdoor exposure, while providing a high degree of water resistance and UV protection at a reasonable price. Covercraft has constantly reviewed and tested fabrics in their quest to provide protection for your vehicle during daily and extended outdoor exposure. Working with Safety Components Fabric Technologies (SCFTI), a leader in woven fabric technology, Covercraft developed Ultratect car cover material that retains its color and strength during extended exposure, while providing a high degree of water resistance and UV protection, all at a reasonable price. WeatherMax SL yarns have the color added to the polymer before it is extruded into yarn, providing maximum fade resistance by making each fiber a solid color, not just surface dyed. These fibers also are designed to have minimal stretch, so Ultratect car covers hold their shape. A water repellant HydroMax finish is applied to both sides of the fabric, protecting against rain while allowing the cover to breathe. Most mid-sized car covers can be cleaned in a home washer and dryer, and Ultra Tect car cover fabric weight makes it light enough to handle easily, while heavy enough to keep it in place. This fabric carries a 4 year factory warranty and is available in Gray, Tan, Black and Blue.

Covercraft UltraTect Car Covers

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Custom Fit 5 Yr Warranty

Durable Outdoor Protection - A high-performance fabric at a moderate price - easy to use, easy to clean, great UV resistance, good breathability, fade resistant. Ultra'tect is made from a solution-dye WeatherMax®SL fabric with these features & benefits:

  • High Performance Woven Fabric
  • Fade Resistant - Each fiber is a solid color, NOT surface dyed.
  • Superior Shape Retention - Minimal stretch fibers resist sagging.
  • Strong - Double 150 denier yarns woven in both the machine & cross direction.
  • Luxurious "Hand" - Soft finish glides over the vehicle finish.
  • Highly Water Resistant - HydroMax finish on BOTH sides of the fabric helps protect against rain, bird droppings and dust, while maintaining the fabric’s breathability.
  • Excellent UV Protection - Ideal for use in areas subject to prolonged sun exposure.
  • Easy to Use - Weight is "just right"... heavy enough to stay in place and light enough to easily handle.
  • Easy to Clean - Most mid-size vehicle covers can be cleaned in home washer & dryer.
  • 5 Year Factory Warranty
  • Outdoor Use

A reasonably priced cover that will retain its color and strength in extended outdoor exposure, while providing a high degree of water resistance and UV protection. Developed in partnership with Safety Components Fabric Technologies (SCFTI), a U.S. textile firm and leader in woven fabric technology with roots going back over 100 years.

Eco Conservation Friendly - We protect your vehicle and your selection of this fabric helps to protect our environment!

Ultra'tect® uses a superior fade resistant solution-dye production process that SAVES 1,000 gallons of water for every 1,000 yards of fabric produced

Available in 4 Colors:
Ultratect Car Cover Black
Black (UB)
Ultratect Car Cover Gray
Gray (UG)
Ultratect Car Cover Blue
Blue (UL)
Ultratect Car Cover Tan

Ultratect Car Covers

  • Made from a solution-dyed WeatherMaxSL fabric
  • Fade Resistant / Water Resistant
  • Superior Shape Retention / Strong
  • Excellent UV Protection/Easy to Use/Easy to Clean
  • Available in four color choices
  • Warranty: 5 Years
Covercraft UltraTect Car Covers



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