Covercraft ReflecTect Car Covers

Covercraft ReflecTect Car Covers - Custom fit silver lightweight, sun, heat & UV reflecting material. Covercraft ReflecTect Car Covers are easy to handle for installation and removal. Easy on and off, this lightweight car cover provides good all season outdoor protection. Lightweight & water resistant material with great sun protection - a good value for a woven car cover that works very well in all seasons. Especially effective in hot & sunny climates.
Covercraft ReflecTect Car Cover
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  • High Performance Woven Fabric - Silver color Urethane Coated Polyester fabric Car Cover
  • UV-reflective silver-colored finish that helps keep the vehicle cooler.
  • Water Resistant - Also repels dust and dirt to help keep the vehicle clean.
  • Compact - For easy trunk storage
  • Lightweight, Good All-Season Protection
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Outdoor Use

Silver ReflecTect

Covercraft ReflecTect Car Covers

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