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DashMat UltiMat Molded Dashboard Covers - For select Trucks & SUV's

DashMat Dashboard Covers - UltiMat Molded

  • Best fitting, best looking carpet material dashboard cover available.
  • Soft Molded to the exact shape of the dashboard.
  • Perfect fitting for of your dashboard, no seams or darts.
  • Available for select Trucks & Suv's
  • Made of durable, color fast, non-shrinking needle punch carpet.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

UltiMat Molded Dashboard Covers Available for select Trucks & Suv's $59.99
*** Not available for cars, select Trucks & SUV's only

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The Ultimat dash cover is molded out of the exact Foss Fiber material as the regular DashMat. The only difference is the Ultimat is a one piece dash cover, meaning there are no extra cut & sewn pieces that are added together to get the shape of a particular dashboard.When an Ultimat is developed DashMat purchase's a new dashboard from the dealer and a mold is made using the exact shape and size of the OEM dash pad. The Ultimat material is then heated up to 250 degrees and place over the male and female cavity of the mold and heat, pressure, time are used to stamp out the exact shape of the original dash pad.The Foss material used has a polyester & polypropylene mix that holds the shape of the original dash pad (basically the carpet is a little stiffer than the original carpet we use for DashMats ).You can roll up the Ulitmat and unroll it again and again and it wont lose the exact shape of the dashboard.

The UltiMat DashBoard Cover Molding Process

The DashMat factory buys specific dashboards from the dealer than they make molds of the actual dashboard.

The Special finished Foss Fiber polycarpet dash cover material is than placed into the mold and pressure treated with heat.

The UltiMat molded carpet contoures exactly to the original shape of the factorys dashboard.

The Ultimat is a “soft molded” dash cover that is constructed as a one piece dash cover. There are no seams or sew in pieces like regular DashMat patterns have. The installation instructions we send out with the product is a general guide for all Dash Mats including DashMat PolyCarpet, Ultimat, VelourMat, SuedeMat, & Ltd. Edition. Choose From 10 Colors.

PolyCarpet & UltiMat Dash Cover Samples

Black (25)

Cinder (79)

Smoke (76)

Grey (47)

Mocha / Taupe (39)

Caramel (22)

Beige (23)

Claret (28)

Navy (62)

Crystal Blue (27)

*** Dash Cover Colors may vary since these are digital images
* Notes:
- Actual Dashboard cover colors may vary slightly from the color you see on your screen.
- For maximum windshield glare & reflection reduction we recommend darker colors only.
- In dash speakers are not cut out of dash covers because the fabrics do not distort sounds.
DashMat-like fabrics are used as speaker covers by stereo component manufacturers.
- All late model model vehicles equipped with passenger side air bags, there is a slit made in the dash cover, required by law in case the air bag needs to deploy.
DashMat UltiMat Molded Dashboard Covers

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