Spacer Mesh Car Seat Covers

Spacer Mesh Car Seat Covers Coverking Spacer Mesh Car Seat Covers
Coverking Spacer Mesh Car Seat Covers is a unique fabric with a large number of closely-spaced holes knit into the weave. The characteristically porous nature of this material makes it breath more than other materials. A great choice if you want a cool, dry and comfortable fabric with breathability that will keep your seat cool. Coverking's Spacer Mesh car seat cover material is a value priced material that is surprisingly one of the best fitting fabrics for seat covers. The unique mesh design is porous, so this is not the choice for liquid repellence. However, what Spacer Mesh seat covers lack in liquid repellence is more than made up for in ventilation. Spacer Mesh car seat covers are a excellent choice for seats with active cooling, and for use in hot and humid conditions. The unique spacer seat cover material cushions the occupant while allowing air to circulate from behind, helping to lessen or prevent perspiration after those long road trips. Unique and sporty two-tone color combinations, along with the excellent fit, great value and easy installation, make this one of our most popular car seat cover choices.

  • Highly breathable knit-like pattern that delivers a high level of comfort in warmer weather, yet great for use year-round.
  • The fabric is made from two different webs that are combined together to be very flexible, adding to the comfort level.
  • This high-performance and stylish seat cover has an appealing sporty look and pattern at a competitive price.
Coverking Spacer Mesh 5 colors to choose from:





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