Covercraft Canine Covers Econo Rear Dog Seat Cover Pet Protectors $177.99

Econo Rear Dog Seat Cover Pet Protectors

Canine Covers Econo Dog Rear Seat Protection - Rear Pet Seat Protection at a budget price, by Covercraft.

Canine Covers Pet Seat Covers
Canine Covers Econo Rear Seat Protector

Made In USA

Choose from (4) popular colors


Speciality Softgoods For Your Dogs

Semi-Custom & Econo Seat Protector Dimensions Use the chart below to determine which semi-custom or econo universal type Seat Protector fits your vehicle. It is usually better to go slightly larger if in doubt on the size.

NOTE: You must have headrest on the seatback for the Seat Protector to strap to.

Dog Seat Protectors Dimensions

Canine Covers Econo Rear Seat Protectors $177.99
Size Part # Price Color
Small Low Back - 56" Wide, 20" Debth, 18" High DE1010 $177.99
Small High Back - 56" Wide, 19.5" Debth, 22.5" High DE1011 $177.99
Medium Low Back - 60" Wide, 19" Debth, 23" High DE1020 $177.99
Medium High Back - 59.75" Wide, 19" Debth, 25" High DE1021 $177.99
Large Low Back - 63.5" Wide, 20.5" Debth, 23" High DE1030 $177.99
Large High Back - 64" Wide, 21" Debth, 26" High DE1031 $177.99

Dog Seat Protectors Size Chart

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