Covercraft Pocket Pods

Pocket Pods turn unused space into useable storage space in minutes. Pocket Pods are available in several styles and patterns. The formed pockets use trunk carpet-like material and are secured with a closure latch. They provide additional storage for lightweight items like maps, manuals, wax or detailing items, emergency tools, warning/safety items or whatever! installation requires no drilling, and the installation hardware kit includes automotive-grade fasteners and or 3M VBH adhesive tape, depending on your application. Depending on the design, the back panel is rigid HDPE or vacuum formed ABS plastic and mount inside the trunk lid.

CUSTOM PATTERN STYLE Vehicle Trunk Storage
Covercraft POCKET PODS
Custom Pocket Pods
  • Handy storage for vehicle odds & ends
  • Each "pocket" has a lid with closure latch
  • No drilling - Easy Installation
  • Custom Patterned for Trunk Storage
  • Warranty: 90 Days

Handy storage for vehicle odds & ends....     

Additional storage for smaller loose items like: manuals - wax,
polish, detailing products - tire pressure gauges -
emergency tools - warning devices, etc.
Each "pocket" has a lid with closure latch
Formed pockets made with a material similar to trunk carpet
Rigid shaped back panel (depending on model)
No drilling (for easy installation)
An easy way to add storage space to your vehicle
Custom patterned & engineered - Made in USA

Latex backed carpet is heat-formed based on pattern-specific design molds and mounted to a rigid HDPE or vacuum-formed ABS backing.  Depending on the application and space available for mounting, the Pocket Pods design can include one, two or three storage pockets.  If trunk mounted, the design always allows easy access to the inside trunk safety release handle.

Covercraft Pocket Pods
Covercraft Pocket Pods
BMW - Z3 Z4

CHRYSLER - 300 and 300C

CORVETTE - Convertible (C5) & (C6)

FORD - Mustang (coupe & convertible)

INFINITI - G35 Coupe

JEEP Wrangler-All (w/o tailgate subwoofer)

MAZDA - Miata

MINI Cooper

TOYOTA - Camry

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