Elite Car Duster

The Elite Car Duster is compact, lightweight and easy to use. It comes with a plastic handle and wax-treated strands. The wax treated strands lift dust quickly and efficiently. It won't scratch paint and more importantly reduces the number of car washings. This is an essential item to use before covering your car. The Elite Easy Duster also comes with a handy carrying case. Overall Length:20 inches.

Car Duster Car Duster Car Duster
Description Part # Price
Car Duster ECD-1 $19.99
Elite Car Duster

BMW Car Covers If you're having problems with grit, muck and other assorted filth in your daily life than think how much more they are associated in the life of your BMW Car Cover. When you park your BMW in the parking lot and a car driven by it splashes mud and grit onto the side of your car. As the mud dries and people rub against the car this dirt and mud can cause small scratches into the paint of your car. And less not forget how hard it is to remove some of this mud from the car. It attaches with such might that you wonder if it will remove the paint from the car as you try to remove the mud from the paint. And we have even begun to talk about bird droppings or trees, buggies, or over exposure to the sun. BMW Car Covers protect your car against over exposure to sun light that causes small cracks in your paint.


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