Coverking Boat Covers

Semi Custom Moda Boat Covers by Coverking
Coverking Boat Covers
Coverking 600 Denier Presidiumâ„¢ Trailerable Semi Custom Boat Covers. Protect your investment and maximize enjoyment of your boat between seasons. Shield it from UV rays, animals, leaves, dirt, snow, rain during trailering and storage with a dense polyester fabric cover sized for your boat.
  • Offers all-weather protection
  • Rugged polyester Presidiumâ„¢ engineered for strength protection.
  • Water resistant and mildew resistant
  • Protect from moisture, winter, dirt/dust, leaves, animals, UV-rays, other storage hazards
  • Included storage bag keeps your cover clean and compact while not in use
  • Durable straps and quick-release buckles are integrated into the cover for securing cover during storage or trailering
  • Sized for your boat
Coverking Boat Covers
Coverking Boat Cover Sizes Part # Price
V-Hull Fishing Boats 12'- 14' Length 75" Beam UBC01-P62 $79.99
V-Hull Runabout Boats 14'- 16' Length 90" Beam UBC02-P62 $99.99
Bass Boats 16'- 18.5' Length 98" Beam UBC03-P62 $109.99
V-Hull Runabout Boats 17'- 19' Length 102" Beam UBC04-P62 $119.99
V-Hull Runabout Boats 20'- 22' Length 106" Beam UBC05-P62 $149.99

All-Weather Protection Presidiumâ„¢ is a proven barrier agains what degrades your boat's interior. The incredibly dense weave of this fabric offers the coveted combination of water-resistance and breathability to keep your boat fresh.

Maximize Enjoyment Ensure your boat is at its prime each season - spend more time on the water and less cleaning your craft.

Defend Your Boat Whether you store your boat inside or outside, there are numerous hazards that can quickly attack your boat's interior and exterior, from UV-rays breaking down the interior components to bird droppings staining the deck finish. Cover your boat to prevent permanent damage.

Free Storage Bag Matching storage bag is included to keep your cover clean while your boat is in use.



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