Coverking Car & Seat Cover Accessories


Coverking's Custom Covers get even better with the following accessories:

Coverking Wax Coated Duster
Wax Coated Duster (M12) use before installing a Car Cover. Paraffin wax coated strands attract dust like a magnet. Storage bag included.
Coverking Car Duster
Coverking Wax Coated Duster: $19.99
Description Part # Price
Coverking Wax Coated Car Duster M12 $19.99

Coverking Car Cover Security Kit
Car Cover Security Kit (M1) for Car Covers a vinyl coated cable and brass lock help secure the cover against theft 2 keys included.
Coverking Car Cover Cable & Lock Package: $9.99
Coverking Car Cable and Lock
Description Part # Price
Coverking Car Cover Cable & Lock Package M1 $9.99

Coverking Car Cover Drawstring Bag
Car Cover Drawstring Bag (M4) Keeps your car cover clean and out of the way while not in use, Triguard material.
Coverking Drawstring Car Cover Bag
Coverking Drawstring Car Cover Bag: $19.99
Description Part # Price
Coverking Triguard Drawstring Car Cover Bag M4I98 $19.99
Coverking Silverguard Drawstring Car Cover Bag M4E62 $19.99

Coverking Car Cover Duffle Bags
Car Cover Duffel Bag (M3) Stormproof Red, Black or Silverguard material.
Coverking Duffel Car Cover Bag
Coverking Car Cover Bags
Part # Description Price
M3SP95 Coverking Stormproof Car Cover Duffel Storage Bag - Black $24.99
M3SP94 Coverking Stormproof Car Cover Duffel Storage Bag - Red $24.99
M3E62 Coverking Stormproof Car Cover Duffel Storage Bag - Silverguard $24.99

Coverking Seat Memory Foam
Coverking Memory Foam
Coverking Seat Memory Foam: $49.99
Description Part # Price
Coverking Seat Cover Memory Foam L167 $49.99

Coverking Car Seat Heaters
Coverking Seat Covers Seat Heater
Coverking Car Seat Heaters: $169.99
Description Part # Price
Coverking Seat Covers Seat Heater CSC-HEATER $169.99

Coverking Seat Kick Guard
Coverking Kick Guard
Coverking Seat Kick Guard: $19.99
Description Part # Price
Coverking Kick Guard SPC116 $19.99

Coverking Steering Wheel Covers
Steering Wheel Covers are perfect for hot or cold climates where the touch of the steering wheel can be uncomfortable. Made from velour fabric, several colors are available.
Coverking Steering Wheel Grips


Coverking Shoulder Belt Pads
Shoulder Belt Pad is made from velour fabric, provides comfort from burning shoulder belts. Added cushioning and a unique velcro attachment system which keeps the pad in place.
Coverking Shoulder Belt Pad


Coverking Utility Caddy
Utility Caddy is a perfect add-on to a dash cover. Made from the same matching velour fabrics, a Utility Caddy is the perfect way to neatly store litter out of the way
Coverking Utility Caddy


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