Coverite Softbond Car Covers


Coverite Softbond Car Cover

Softbond Car Cover Material Sample

  • Soft cushioning Breathable layer protects your paint
  • Superior, breathable 3-layer Tan fabric is highly water resistant, even during downpours, Fabric naturally resists rot and mildew
  • Ultrasonic welding makes No Leak Seams – No Stitching
  • UV stable material ensure a long life, Handy storage bag included
  • Extra Value - Comes With Cable Lock Kit included in Box
  • Patented UV Stabilizer "Remafin" spray coating is used to insure a "Double Long" life of the Fabric
  • Elastic Hems for a "Snug Fit" with Reinforced Side Grommets for Easy Tie-Downs

Cable Lock

Car Covers & Station Wagon Covers Softbond material: Select Size ▼

Coverite Softbond Car Covers
Part # Size Price
10751 Size A: Fits Cars up to 160" $109.99
10752 Size B: Fits Cars up to 170" $109.99
10753 Size C: Fits Cars up to 180" $109.99
10754 Size D: Fits Cars up to 192" $109.99
10755 Size E: Fits Cars up to 210" $109.99
10756 Size F: Fits Cars up to 225" $109.99
Coverite Softbond Station Wagon Covers
Part # Size Price
10032 Size SW-B: Fits Station Wagons up to 170" $129.99
10033 Size SW-C: Fits Station Wagons up to 180" $129.99
10034 Size SW-D: Fits Station Wagons up to 192" $129.99
10035 Size SW-E: Fits Station Wagons up to 210" $139.99
10036 Size SW-F: Fits Station Wagons up to 215" $139.99

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