Coverite Bondtech Economy Car Covers $79.99


Coverite Bondtech Car Cover

Bondtech Car Cover Material Sample

Coverite Bondtech Car Covers soft, non-abrasive and single layer lightweight gray fabric, water repellent, yet breathable for wet or snowy climates.

Coverite Bontech Car Covers

Part # Size Price
10711 Size A: Fits Cars up to 160" $79.99
10712 Size B: Fits Cars up to 170" $79.99
10713 Size C: Fits Cars up to 180" $79.99
10714 Size D: Fits Cars up to 192" $79.99
10715 Size E: Fits Cars up to 210" $79.99
10716 Size F: Fits Cars up to 225" $79.99

Coverite Bondtech Car Covers double stitched seams for maximum strength, fabric naturally resists rot and mildew. Coverite Bondtech car cover keeps your interior cooler and is not affected by temperature extremes. Elastic hems and reinforced side grommets for cover tie down or optional cable and lock. Speed Lock system for theft deterrence and easy installation, storage bag included. The durable material offers protection against dust, bird droppings, tree sap, and direct sunlight. Coverite non woven polypropylene material is both water repellant, and breathable. UV stabilizer remafin spray coating is used to insure a double long life of the fabric and will not stretch or shrink. Coverite Bondtech all weather car covers are constructed of a soft, non-abrasive, breathable fabric that allows moisture and condensation to evaporate quickly from your cars exterior. Coverites Bondtech car covers are lightweight, durable and resistant to sun and U.V. damage.

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CarCoverUSA Reviews for Coverite Bondtech Car Cover. Size F: Fits Cars up to 225'' Part# 10716
Product Details for part # 10716
Part Number: 10716
Manufacturer: Coverite
Brand: Coverite
GTIN: 719626107160
Product: Coverite Bondtech Car Cover. Size F: Fits Cars up to 225''
Description: Soft Grey Color Fabric - Non-Abrasive, Yet Durable Material. Heavier Duty Single Layer Fabric 1% Heavier & more Durable than Bondtech Lite listed below - Ideal Fabric Choice f...
Price Valid Till: 07/17/2022

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