Covercraft Seat Heater $179.99

Covercraft Seat Heater

Covercraft Seat Heaters can be installed directly onto your cars seats, or can be used with seat covers like Covercraft SeatSaver or Covercraft SeatGloves and other breathable after market seat covers. The Seat Heater kit consists of: A PAIR of seat heater elements (for two seats), for both the seat base and seatback. Special "envelopes" for all heating pads (4). Wiring harness that PLUGS INTO THE VEHICLE accessory POWER outlet. A power plug with INDIVIDUAL on/off heater controls. Available in Gray or Tan seat heating pads fit under your seat covers in special envelopes. Seat heater elements (for two seats) & Power plug with individual on/off heater controls.

Covercraft Car Seat Heater
Covercraft Car Seat Heater

Heated Seats keep you warm in the winter and work with or without seat covers

Power plug with separate on/off seat heater control

Car Seat Heater

Seat heating elements for 2 seats

Car Seat Heater

Heating pads fit under seat covers in special envelopes

Car Seat Heater

Covercraft Seat Heater for car seats
Part # Color Price
SE1002GY Seat Heater Seat Heating Kit (Gray) $179.99
SE1002TN Seat Heater Seat Heating Kit (Tan) $179.99

Features & Benefits:

Easy to Install:


  1. What is the temperature range of the heaters? 106 - 109 Degrees
  2. What is the warranty on the heaters? 1 Year Factory Warranty

Covercraft Seat Cover Heater


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