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Covercraft RV Sofa Savers Covers

Covercraft RV Sofa Saver - 60" between the armrests, 18" seat depth $175.99

Part # Color
SRS001BK RV Sofa Cover - Black
SRS001CH RV Sofa Cover - Charcoal
SRS001GY RV Sofa Cover - Gray
SRS001CT RV Sofa Cover - Misty Gray
SRS001TN RV Sofa Cover - Tan
SRS001TP RV Sofa Cover - Taupe
SRS001SA RV Sofa Cover - Wet Sand

Covercraft RV SofaSaver - 70" between the armrests, 18" seat depth $180.99

Part # Color
SRS002BK RV Sofa Cover - Black
SRS002CH RV Sofa Cover - Charcoal
SRS002GY RV Sofa Cover - Gray
SRS002CT RV Sofa Cover - Misty Gray
SRS002TN RV Sofa Cover - Tan
SRS002TP RV Sofa Cover - Taupe
SRS002SA RV Sofa Cover - Wet Sand

Covercraft RV SofaSaver - 60" between the armrests, 27" seat depth $248.99

Part # Color
SRS003BK RV Sofa Cover - Black
SRS003CH RV Sofa Cover - Charcoal
SRS003GY RV Sofa Cover - Gray
SRS003CT RV Sofa Cover - Misty Gray
SRS003TN RV Sofa Cover - Tan
SRS003TP RV Sofa Cover - Taupe
SRS003SA RV Sofa Cover - Wet Sand

Covercraft RV Sofa Savers RV sofa covers provide maximum protection, easy to install and remove, and look great!. Manufactured from high-quality, Poly cotton drill fabric with DWR (durable water repellency) finish. Available in 3 sizes to fit most full-size RV sofas! Covercraft Sofa Saver protects your sofa from pets, kids, work etc. 3 sizes, 7 colors to choose from.

Covercraft RV SofaSaver colors.

Covercraft Black RV SofaSaver
Covercraft Charcoal RV SofaSaver
Covercraft Gray RV SofaSaver
Covercraft Misty Gray RV SofaSaver
Misty Gray
Covercraft Tan RV SofaSaver
Covercraft Taupe RV SofaSaver
Covercraft Wet Sand RV SofaSaver
Wet Sand

Protection for the sofa seats in your RV, trailer or even you home

Covercraft RV Sofa Savers and RV Sofa Couch Covers

RV Sofa Savers RV Sofa Covers RV Sofa Savers

Easy to install lay the Sofa Saver on the seat base and push the "anchors" between the seat base and seatback. Lay the Sofa Saver over the seat back and tension the adjustable strap around the back of the sofa. Insert the "anchors" between the armrest and seat base. Place the flaps over the armrest.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: The RV Sofa Saver is machine washable. Wash in warm (not hot) water using 1 cup Liquid Fantastic brand detergent. Line dry or use the AIR ONLY (no heat) setting on your dryer.

RV SofaSaver Install Instructions

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