Covercraft Form Fit Motorcycle Covers from $153.99

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Covercraft Form Fit Motorcycle Covers

Covercraft Form Fit Motorcycle Covers

Part # | Style Price Color
XF001: Chopper with Backrest Sissy Bar $226.99
XF002: Chopper $214.99
XF003: Full Dress Tourer with Fairing Windshield, Saddle Bags, Backrest Sissy Bar, Travel Chest $251.99
XF004: Large Cruisers with or with out Fairing Windshield with Saddle Bags with Backrest Sissy Bar $214.99
XF005: Large Sport Bikes with or without Fairing Windshield with Saddle Bags $189.99
XF006: Can Am Spyder with Backrest Sissy Bar $206.99
XF007: Standard & Sport Bikes with small Fairing Windshield and Saddle Bags $153.99

Covercraft Form Fit Motorcycle Covers are designed to fit the shape of your factory motorcycle, regardless of what make or model you own. Sharing the same features as the Form Fit Car Covers, these lightweight super soft body hugging motorcycle covers look, feel and fit great for indoor storage. Form Fit available in 6 colors, 4 year factory warranty, storage bag included. Easy to clean in home washer and dryer. Form Fit protects, engineered to incorporate bike hugging polyester knit with Spandex (to provide stretch and recovery), Form Fit is finished on the underside with 100% cotton terry loop sheared to a luxurious soft fleece finish. Form Fit will pamper your paint while keeping dust and dirt at bay, and whenever it's dirty it can be easily cleaned in a home washer and dryer. It's the ultimate indoor motorcycle cover. Covercraft Form Fit Motorcycle Covers great protection.

Covercraft Form Fit Motorcycle Covers available in 6 Colors

Choose from six (6) colors: Super Soft Form Fit Indoor Motorcycle Covers, Bike Hugging stretch fit with 100% sheared fleece inside

Covercraft Form Fit Black Car Cover
Black (FB)
Covercraft Form Fit Charcoal Gray Car Cover
Charcoal (FC)
Covercraft Form Fit Dark Blue Car Cover
Blue (FD)
Covercraft Form Fit Silver Gray Car Cover
Silver (FG)
Covercraft Form Fit Hunter Green Car Cover
Green (FN)
Covercraft Form Fit Bright Red Car Cover
Red (FR)
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The Ultimate Indoor Motorcycle Cover

Covercraft Form-Fit Material

Cleaning Instructions Motorcycle, Scooter & ATV Cover Cleaning Instructions

Cover fabric performance can be severely affected by dirt that builds up on and within the material creating a 'wicking' effect that actually helps pull water through the fabric, nullifying any water resistant properties the fabric may have had. Cleaning your cover will help to keep your motorcycle, scooter or ATV clean and also increase the service life of the cover.

For Pack Lite WeatherShield, Form-Fit and Flannel Covers ONLY:

Dry with care WeatherShield and Form-Fit covers can be dried in a dryer with regular heat, flannel can be dried on low heat.

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