Covercraft CarBand 360° ding dent protection for Cars

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360° ding/dent protection for use in all parking situations

Carband encompasses all sides of a vehicle with a thick, tight-fitting, self-securing band.

  • Airflow Fully breathable Spacer Fabric material. Allows air to circulate.
  • Storage and Application Simple and easy to install. Storage bag included.
  • Tight Fitting and Self Securing A strip of impact-absorbing material encompasses all sides of the vehicle with a thick, tight-fitting, self-securing band.
  • Can be used with or without a vehicle cover
  • Patented in the UK / U.S.


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Covercraft CarBand dent & ding protection for Cars
Band Size Part # Price
6.5 meters CB10065 $259.99
7 meters CB10070 $259.99
7.5 meters CB10075 $289.99
8 meters CB10080 $289.99
10.5 meters CB10105 $349.99
11 meters CB10110 $349.99
11.5 meters CB10115 $349.99


Designed for use in private or public garages, airports, workplace and public parking lots or anywhere additional protection is wanted. Carband’s Spacer technology fabric provides a protective barrier for your vehicle. Thick soft material protects paint finish. Breathable for good air circulation. Tight fitting, so it's self-securing. Carband is easily installed by placing one end over the front or rear bumper area & then stretching the other end over the opposite bumper area. Adjust along the sides to assure best protective coverage.

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Carband Fabric



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