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LeBra Car Bras, Car Masks, Front End Covers for Cars, Trucks, Vans & SUV's.

LeBra Custom Car Bras are the ultimate in style and full front end protection for all vehicles. Solid black in color, made of leather grain vinyl, allows for optional front plate if needed, and all original cut outs for factory fog lights, head lights etc. Mesh screen over grill area, allows hood to open, perfect custom fit full front end cover mask.

Lebra car bra

Lebra Custom Front End Cover Lebra Custom Hood Protector
Covercraft Car Bras - Front End Masks - Mini Masks - Hood Protectors

For maximum protection you can't beat a car bra ( front end mask ). They cover the bumper area (some truck models do not cover the bumper, to allow for installation of lights, grille guards, etc.) and the leading portion of the hood area. The finished product is worth the effort! We screen the radiator openings because we feel it's important to protect the maximum front area possible. We have done plenty of testing over the years to confirm that the screen does not increase the engine temperature. Some applications, like Firebirds and some Corvette models, have the hood opening so far back that a hood piece isn't required. These unique patterns are noted in our application guide.

Covercraft Car Bra


Colgan Custom Car Bras Made In the USA!

Original Bra, Hood Sports Bra, T Style Full Bra, T Style Hood Bra, Nose Bra, Mirror Bras Bill Colgan, father of the car bra, created the first car bra in 1961 for German engineers interested in providing a better protective cover for use while road testing cars, particularly new Porsches! The Colgan commitment to testing and development continues today and Colgan bras set the standards by which other car bras are measured. Features that make Colgan custom bras the best include: The heaviest 100% virgin vinyl for maximum protection 25 oz with exclusive memory fit. Special vinyl topcoat specially formulated UV resistant finish helps prevent aging and cracking. Super soft thick porous flannel backing helps protect paint finish and allows moisture to escape. Attached components no loose mounting pieces everything is attached to the car bra for easier installation. All Colgan car bras are finished with soft felt binding on the edges and the openings are bound to help protect your cars finish. Colgan car bras have a strong top double stitching hand tailored finish for durability, and double padding at critical fender areas that help prevent wear through and protect the vehicles finish. The Colgan car bra has a 3 year factory warranty, the longest in the after market! Colgan custom truck and car bras offer maximum hood protection whether using our truck bras, car bras, van bras or mirror bras.

Colgan car bra


Coverking Custom Hood Protectors & Front End Masks

In addition to our unparalleled expertise in producing the finest car cover products, Coverking is also a leader with its Car Bras, Custom Hood Protectors and Front End Masks, available for cars, trucks and SUVs. Your vehicle is an important investment. Unfortunately, its front end surfaces are constantly subjected to a wide variety of damaging projectiles and debris. If left unprotected, painted and coated surfaces will incur costly damage such as chips, scratches, dings and dents. Coverking's Front End Masks are made of rich black, high-quality vinyl with a soft mildew resistant backing that will not scratch the vehicle's surface. Safe under all road conditions and manufactured with the quality and consistency of Coverking's famous in-house CAD/CAM systems, our Hood Protectors and & Front End Masks install in minutes thanks to the included long lasting installation hardware. (Note: installation time is vehicle dependent.) These protectors are approved and sold by major OEM manufacturers worldwide.

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