Covercraft Canine Covers Custom Cargo Area Liners for Pet Travel From $173.99

Canine Covers Cargo Area Liners

Canine Covers Custom Cargo Area Liner Turns the back of an SUV or wagon into a comfortable travel bed. If your dog is lucky enough to travel in the back of an SUV or wagon, this product will assure the trip is made in comfort. Our cargo area dog bed (or liner) provides a quilted, breathable comfortable surface so your dog won't get too hot or cold. It's built strong enough to handle multiple dogs and can be removed for easy cleaning.

Canine Covers Pet Seat Covers
Canine Covers Cargo Area Liner

Made In USA

Dog Cargo Area Liner
  • Cargo area dog pad, custom tailored for a perfect fit (some patterns are also designed for split seats)
  • Fabrics 'breathe' to assure travel comfort
  • Provides a textured positive footing surface
  • Quilted padded finish on the floor section assures canine comfort
  • Waterproof nylon liner for added protection of vehicle floor area
  • Precision tailored, secures to seat backs at front
  • Security straps and 'pods' (if applicable) anchor bed liner in place
  • Easy care - machine washable (commercial machine)

Speciality Softgoods For Your Dog

Choose from 2 fabrics and 10 colors/patterns

Polycotton Durable Polycotton Drill Fabric

Black Cargo Area Liner
Charcoal Gray Cargo Area Liner
Charcoal Gray
Gray Cargo Area Liner
Misty Gray Cargo Area Liner
Misty Gray
Tan Cargo Area Liner
Taupe Cargo Area Liner
Wet Sand Cargo Area Liner
Wet Sand

Crypton Super Fabric Suede Finish Paw Print

Ash Cargo Area Liner
Ash (PA)
Champagne Cargo Area Liner
Champagne (PC)
Fathom Cargo Area Liner
Fathom (PF)

Security straps anchor bed liner in place...

Dog Cargo Area Liner Tie down Dog Cargo Area Liner Tie down

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