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CalTrend Tough Camo Car Seat Covers

CalTrend   Made In The USA
CalTrend Tough Camo Seat Covers - Custom Perfect Fit Car Seat Covers, Best Looking Fitting Seat Covers Made in USA !
CalTrend Custom Made Tough Camo Car Seat Covers: Industry’s Toughest Camouflage Seat Covers !
CalTrend™, the leader in custom-made seat covers, has introduced ToughCamo, the most rugged, durable, stain, water, grease and abrasion-resistant camouflage-patterned seat covers available in the marketplace. The premium-grade, heavy-duty ToughCamo is exclusive to CalTrend and features a lacquered topcoat to ensure maximum durability, while offering a soft, comfortable feel CalTrend seat covers are easy to install and backed by a 2-year warranty.

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