Pack Lite WeatherShield HP Semi Custom Motorcycle Covers

Super COMPACT - that's the motorcycle cover by the helmet!

WeatherShield, there's never been a cover fabric this good!  Our base cover fabric uses a patented immersion process that uses heat and pressure to permanently encase the high-strength polyester fibers with a special formulated finish that also places a durable, breathable barrier within the woven fabric to create a high-performance fabric that provides superior protection from the elements.  Unlike traditional coatings and laminations that just protect one side of the fabric, WeatherShield uses a variety of computerized process controls to place protective finishes inside the fabric. Finally, motorcycle owners can buy a cover with a fabric that provides maximum protection, but isn't bulky and hard to store.  Full covers protect the bike from sun and rain, dust, dirt, bird and tree droppings, and pollutants in the air.  They're available in both our Deluxe semi-custom sizes and the custom-patterned program for Harley-Davidson models.  Due to the unique construction of the fabric they don't need liners or vents or even heat shields (but the bike does need to cool down for about 3 to 5 minutes).  This is the cover you've been waiting for - check out the features below and you'll agree - there's never been a fabric this good!

Features & Benefits

Cleaning Instructions

Motorcycle, Scooter & ATV Cover Cleaning Instructions

Cover fabric performance can be severely affected by dirt that builds up on and within the material creating a “wicking” effect that actually helps pull water through the fabric, nullifying any water resistant properties the fabric may have had. Cleaning your cover will help to keep your motorcycle, scooter or ATV clean and also increase the service life of the cover.

For Pack Lite WeatherShield, Form-Fit and Flannel Covers ONLY:

NEVER...Clean a cover in a washer with a center agitator

(OK if you don’t have a choice for WeatherShield fabric covers).

NEVER...Use fabric softener.

DRY with Care... WeatherShield & Form-Fit covers can be dried in a dryer with regular heat; flannel can be dried on low heat.
  1. Using a large commercial washer without agitator, wash the cover using 1/4 cup of Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner. Put the cover in the washer and pour the cleaner in the tub after it’s filled with warm water or pour it directly in the machine (some wall mounted commercial units), then put in the cover and start the machine.
  2. Rinse the cover twice (2X) to remove all the cleaner.
  3. Dry in a dryer with regular or low heat...or hang to air dry.

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