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PolyCarpet Dashboard Covers
DashMat Dashboard Covers Poly Carpet Dash Cover

DashMat Dash Covers

Find a PolyCarpet Dash Cover for Your Vehicle
PolyCarpet Dash Cover $39.99
See dashboards colors, logo and embroidery options below

Velour Dashboard Covers
Velour Dashboard Cover Velour Dash Cover

VelourMat Dash Covers

Order a VelourMat Dash Board Cover for Your Vehicle
Velour Dash Cover $44.99
See dashboard colors, logo and embroidery options below

Suede Dashboard Covers
Suede Dash board cover Suede Dash Cover

Suede Dash Covers

See Below to Find the Suede DashBoard Cover for Your Vehicle
Suede dashboard cover $49.99
See dash covers colors, logo and embroidery options below

Limited Edition Series Dashboard Covers
Limited Edition Dashboard Cover Limited Edition Series Dash Cover

Limited Edition Series Dash Covers

A new fabric style that goes with todays vehicle interiors
Limited Edition Dash Covers for Your Vehicle
Limited Edition Dash covers $54.99
See Dash Cover colors, Logo and Embroidery options below
UltiMat Dashboard Covers Available for most Trucks & Suv's
DashMat UltiMat Molded Dashboard Covers
UltiMat Poly Carpet Molded Dash Cover

UltiMat Dash Covers

UltiMat DashBoard Covers for Your Vehicle
UltiMat Dash Cover $59.99
See Dash Cover colors, Logo and Embroidery options below

The Ultimat dash cover is molded out of the exact Foss Fiber material as the regular DashMat. The only difference is the Ultimat is a one piece dash cover, meaning there are no extra cut & sewn pieces that are added together to get the shape of a particular dashboard.When an Ultimat is developed we purchase a new dashboard from the dealer and a mold is made using the exact shape and size of the OEM dash pad.The Ultimat material is then heated up to 250 degrees and place over the male and female cavity of the mold and heat, pressure, time are used to stamp out the exact shape of the original dash pad.The Foss material used has a polyester & polypropylene mix that holds the shape of the original dash pad (basically the carpet is a little stiffer than the original carpet we use for DashMats ).You can roll up the Ulitmat and unroll it again and again and it wont lose the exact shape of the dashboard.
DashMat Rear Deck Covers
DashMat Rear Deck Covers DashMat Rear Deck Covers


Find the Rear Deck Cover for Your Vehicle
DashMat Rear Deck Covers $39.99

See Dash Cover colors, Logo and Embroidery options below.
Darker colors reflect the least amount of light, and will give the least amount of windshield glare. 
Note: Our standard procedure is to put embroidery and logos on the passenger side, however, there are exceptions to that rule. If a dashboard is completely or mostly flat we will put them in the center of the mat, halfway between the driver and passenger. Depending on the way certain dashboards are designed there sometimes isn't an ideal location to add them for good visibility, but we do try to position them where they can be easily seen

(Actual colors may vary slightly from the color you see on your screen) Choose From a Wide Variety of Colors

PolyCarpet & UltiMat Dash Cover Samples

Velour Dashboard Covers

Suede Dashboard Covers

Limited Edition Series Dashboard Covers

PolyCarpet Velour Suede Limited Edition UltiMat
Warranty Lifetime Factory Warranty 2 Year Factory Warranty 2 Year Factory Warranty 2 Year Factory Warranty Lifetime Factory Warranty
Number of Colors 12 Colors 12 Colors 4 Colors 4 Colors 12 Colors
Look/Feel High-quality carpet High-quality velour material Looks & feels like suede High-quality poly fabric High-quality carpet
Fit Better Fit - Custom cut to vehicles dash Good Fit - Custom cut to vehicles dash Good Fit - Supple fabric contours to dash quickly Good Fit - custom cut to your dash Best Fit - Custom molded to dash - exact fit
Available For Most Vehicles Most Vehicles Most Vehicles Most Vehicles Trucks & SUVs
Add an Extra Touch of Elegance and Personalization with Beautiful Monogramming! This is no cheap monogram job.
Your DashMat product is carefully monogrammed using state of the art computerized equipment in a complimentary color to your DashMat product assuring lasting quality and beauty.

Add $10 (1 to 12 letters) Add $1.36 ( per letter over 12 characters )

All sales are final on personalized (monogrammed or logoed) items. Put Your Favorite Logo on a Dashmat, VelourMat, or UltiMat!

We have dozens of logos to choose from.

You can give your vehicle that unique look by boasting your favorite logos on your DashMat cover. Beautifully custom embroidered in full color by the same equipment used for hats and shirts.

Add $25
View Logos View All Logos Available (opens new browser window)

All sales are final on personalized (monogrammed or logoed) items.

Features & Benefits

Show your personality by adding an embroidered logo from your favorite team, character, vehicle or organization. DashMat offers more than 165 specialty logos that you can add to your DashMat.
Click here to see all the available logos

Customize your DashMat with your favorite saying. "Play Ball" or "Lets Go Hunting" are some of the great monograms to put on your DashMat to show your friends your personality.
Create your own saying or add your nickname, its up to you. Let the world know how you feel.

Each DashMat is custom made. We buy your specific cars dashboard, our craftsmen make a custom pattern, and then we make samples until we get a perfect fit.

Join the 1,750,000+ people like you who choose to protect their vehicles dash from the damaging rays of the sun with a DashMat. Get your DashMat today!

We are proud that our products are designed in the USA.

Windshield haze is caused by gasses leaked from your vehicles dashboard. A new DashMat helps eliminate these gasses (called Plasticizer Migration) from fogging-up your windshield.
The suns damaging rays can crack your dashboard. With the simple protection of a DashMat you can keep your interior looking better longer. It will also help keep the resell value of your vehicle higher. An ugly crack in your dash is easily avoided when you get a new DashMat. Protection couldnt be easier.
NOTE: see FAQ below for comments on attaching the DashMat to your dashboard.
Our craftsmen say DashMats are made of durable, color fast, non-shrinking needle-punch carpet. Simply put, we use high quality materials that have been proven to protect your dash from the damaging effect of the sun. That is why we give a lifetime warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The DashMat covers the speakers on my dash. Will that distort the sound?
A: No. In fact, your speakers need more protection than your dash. The sun breaks down the speaker materials which will cause loss of sound quality. The DashMat material allows the sound to flow through without any distortion.

Q: How do I attach the DashMat to my dash?
A: We provide two 9" strips of hook and loop fastener tape. Cut it into 1" pieces and place them evenly on your dash.

Q: What if my hook and loop fastener tape doesnt stick to my dash?
A: This is usually caused by use of Armor protectant. To get your tape to stick use a mild detergent or rubbing alcohol on a towel and wipe the dash clean. You may need to repeat in certain areas to get the tape to stick.

Q: Will the hook & loop attachments strips damage my dashboard?
A: No. If you want to remove the hook & loop attachment strips simply pull them off. If there is any sticky residue remaining use some rubbing alcohol on a cloth to remove the residue.

Product Brochure

Download the DashMat Brochure
Installation Instructions

Download the DashMat - Installation Instructions

Your Dashboard cover has a warranty against defects. We use high-quality materials and stand behind them.
Add Value To Your Vehicle. Do you walk around your vehicle and admire it? Most of us do! Imagine seeing a cracked dashboard one day... you immediately know your vehicles value has just decreased. Get proven protection with a DashMat! Mother Nature is cruel. You need protection. Weve got you covered. Get a DashMat for a lifetime of proven protection. To add value to your vehicle get a new DashMat and start protecting your dash from the damaging effects of the sun! Its that easy. Get yours today!

Dash Mat Dashboard Covers
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