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Coverking Custom Dash Covers

Coverking Dashboard Covers - Polycarpet, Velour, Suede, Camo & Molded
Coverking custom tailored dash covers offer the best protection and fit. Exclusive zigzag stitch for the best fit and protection. Made with matching thread and binding. All Coverking Dashboard Covers are made in the USA with U.S. made materials in the California factory. The Best Fitting Custom Dashboard Covers Coverking Dash Covers are a popular accessory in the sunbelt states to combat the damaging effects of the sun, reduce dangerous sun glare and enhance a vehicle's interior. A proper fitting Custom Dash Cover will soften the plastic look of a vehicle's interior and provide protection to the driver and vehicle dashboard. Custom Rear Deck Covers, a related accessory, covers the rear deck area of a vehicle behind the rear seats. Generally, Custom Rear Deck Covers are not available for trucks, SUVs, vans and hatchback cars. Coverking custom Rear Deck Covers are available in the same materials and fabrics as Custom Dash Covers. A new variation on the Custom Dash Cover by Coverking is the Molded Dash Cover. This is a thermo-formed carpet Dash Cover. It is molded to the exact shape of the dashboard, resulting in a perfect fitting cover with no stitching - this is the "ultimate" Custom Dash Cover.


Coverking Custom Dash Board Covers Starting at $39.99

Made in the USA ! Production time is about 7 - 10 days at the California Factory.

( Actual dash cover colors may vary from the color you see on your screen )

Coverking Dashboard Covers
Coverking Custom Dashboard Covers 3 Materials + 40 colors to choose from:
Coverking PolyCarpet Dash Covers $39.99










Dark Blue
Coverking Velour Dash Covers $44.99


Medium Blue







Dark Blue
Coverking Velour Desinger Dash Covers $49.99

Hawaiian Black




Hawaiian Red

Hawaiian Blue

Coverking Camo Dash Covers $49.99

Coverking Suede Dash Covers $54.99




*** Color may vary since these are digital images

What's Important in a Custom Dash Cover?
A Custom Dash Cover is a very conspicuous accessory - it is clearly visible to the driver and front passenger. Therefore, fit and appearance are the most important qualities of a Custom Dash Cover. The fit is a result of the Custom Dash Cover's pattern design, construction and materials. Coverking offers several enhancements to it's line of fine fitting Custom Dash Covers. These include a wide selection of designer print materials, Lit Neon Edging, and custom embroidered logos or messages.
* Due to different computers & monitor settings actual colors may vary slightly from what you see on your screen.
Pattern Design

Modern vehicle dashboards are complex, with subtle curved shapes, trays, cup holders, sensors, airbag cutouts, and other considerations. It is common for dash cover manufacturers to take a short-sighted approach to the pattern design, and make a mediocre fitting pattern. Addressing the curves, sensors and cutouts results in a significant amount of time designing the pattern and later cutting and sewing the Custom Dash Cover in production. Because of this, many Custom Dash Cover manufacturers cut corners and produce a Custom Dash Cover which covers sensors, cup holders, and doesn't address some of the contours of the dashboard. At best, this produces a poor fit. At worst, it is a dangerous hazard which can prevent automatic headlights from functioning and airbags from deploying. With a full time staff of professional pattern makers and advanced computer aided design (which was pioneered in the custom auto accessory field be Coverking 20 years ago), Coverking has the tools to assure a consistent, perfect fitting Custom Dash Cover. All Coverking Custom Dash Cover patterns are CAD designed from the original vehicle dashboard using sophisticated software. The process of making a Custom Dash Cover pattern takes upwards of 2 weeks but results in a perfect compliment to the original vehicle's dashboard. All cutouts, sensors, cup holders and airbag openings are studied and the Custom Dash Cover is designed not to interfere.

Coverking established the two most popular materials on the market; Poly-Carpet and Velour. Since then, Coverking has added Designer Velour and has added enhancements such as Lit Neon Edging. Coverking offers Custom Seat Covers in several materials and colors. Poly-Carpet
A tough yet attractive polyester non-tufted low pile carpet which has a lifetime warranty and provides the maximum protection for the dashboard and cuts the most glare. Poly-Carpet has been our most popular material choice for years. Poly Carpet is available for all Custom Dash Covers and Rear Deck Covers in several colors.

Luxurious and elegant, Velour is a perfect choice for luxury vehicles. It is available in several colors to compliment the interior of most vehicles. Velour is also available in our Custom Seat Covers, offering a matching interior.

Molded Carpet:
Very similar to Poly-Carpet, with a thermo-formable backing. Once molded into shape, the material will hold that shape for life. Molded Carpet is guaranteed for life. Designer Velour The same basic material as regular Velour, but with exciting Designer Prints - including Hawaiian Prints in black, red and blue, Flames, PinUp Girls, Cheetah, Leopard, and Zebra.

Coverking Custom Dash Covers are made in California, U.S.A. by skilled professionals working in a clean and comfortable environment. Far from a "sweatshop", Coverking Custom Dash Covers are made by people who enjoy Medical Insurance, ample opportunities for advancement, and more than a livable wage. Unfortunately, well paid and happy employees often mean an expensive product. Coverking uses technology and automation to keep prices down, quality up and happiness high. A heavily computerized production area optimizes every operation and results in superior quality at prices often associated with third-world labor.Coverking Custom Dash Covers and Rear Deck Covers are constructed using a "zigzag" stitch. Other Dash Covers available on the market are made using a "blind" stitch. Every stitching style has an intended  use, for Custom Dash Covers the optimal stitch style is the zigzag stitch. Coverking's zigzag stitch takes more time and is more expensive, but the results are worth the added expense - the stitch acts as a hinge, allowing the cover to contour the surface of the dashboard. A zigzag stitch also allows small pieces to be sewn together, because there is no margin. A blind stitch results in the dash cover curling into the stitch, it attracts dust, it lifts off the dashboard because material is underneath the stitch, and it prevents small pieces from being sewn together - due to the necessary margins. Coverking Custom Dash Covers have been selected over competitors by many automotive accessory retailers for their fit, materials, and construction. Coverking Dashboard Covers are available in Custom Tailored and Molded designs. Custom Tailored Dashboard Covers are available in Polycarpet, Velour, and Designer Prints Velour. Molded Dashboard Covers are available in a special thermo-formed molded carpet. Dashboard Covers have existed for almost 40 years. They were designed to protect the dashboard from cracking and warping from extreme heat. Over the years, many vehicle manufacturers have improved the materials used in dashboards. resulting in fewer cases or premature cracking. However, warping and discoloration still result from extreme heat, especially in the southern sunbelt states. However, over the years new applications for Dashboard Covers have been identified. Chief among these are the anti-glare protection a darker colored Dashboard Cover provides. Many modern vehicle interiors are a light shade of tan or gray, and produce such a strong reflection from the sun glare that safe driving is jeopardized. Coverking has again pioneered an advancement in this market by introducing an entire line of molded carpet Dashboard Covers. By molding the carpet to the exact shape of a dashboard, the fit, protection and look is complete. Tailored dashboard covers are also designed for a perfect fit, but there are some physical restrictions brought by tailoring that are better served by a molded material. For this reason, Coverking has been amassing molds for virtually all popular vehicles. We suggest you first lookup a Molded Dashboard Cover, and look for a tailored version only if the molded application does not exist. Coverking Dashboard covers are SRS Airbag compliant and available in several colors, and 3 differnt fabrics.

Coverking Custom DashBoard Cover Material Choices: Coverking offers many fabric and color choices for it's Custom Dash Covers, Custom Rear Deck Covers and Molded Dash Covers. Because Molded Dash Covers are subjected to a high temperature molding process, they are only offered in Moldable Poly Carpet Material. It looks and feels the same as regular polycarpet, but with a thermo-formable backing. Custom Dash and Rear Deck Covers are offered in Poly Carpet, Velour, Suede and Designer Velour. Please keep in mind that your monitor / screen settings may result in inaccurate colors.

Custom Dash Covers
The Best Fitting Custom Dashboard Covers
Coverking dashboard covers protect and beautify the dashboard of a vehicle. The dashboard receives maximum exposure of the elements of weather: sun, UV, heat, cold, moisture than any other part of a vehicle. Despite the modern technology of manufacturing dashboard covers, ultra violet rays continue to play havoc with the dashboard every moment the vehicle is exposed to it. UV is always present irrespective of the geographical location and the season. A dashboard also is the part of the car you are looking at all the time while driving. An unsightly dashboard is not only an irritant but also can be a big expense to replace. This makes a dashboard cover the best investment you can make to protect your vehicle. Additionally, dash covers protect the driver from glare reflecting off a shiny dashboard, making It a safety device.
Coverking also offers personalizing dashboard covers, by embroidering your name or the many licensed logos available.

Coverking manufactures maximum variety of dashboard covers, from the most affordable Polycarpet to the
Coverking platinum series of luxurious Suede. Coverking also makes molded dashboard covers, which are
guaranteed to last the life of the vehicle. All together, Coverking dashboard covers are available in 50 different fabric color combinations, including Mossy Oak and Hawaiian designs.

Pattern Design
Coverking is the only manufacturer which makes an exclusive zigzag stitch design while other dash covers are made using blind stitch. Zigzag stitch design facilitates the best fitting dashcover even in the most complex of all dashboards. The finished dashcover is like a three dimensional product which fits the dashboard like a glove.

Coverking uses state of the art manufacturing technology to manufacture dashboard covers. This includes computer aided design and manufacturing technology. This results in the production of perfect fitting dashcovers every time!

Zig-Zag Stitching
Coverking uses the “zigzag” stitch, which acts as a hinge, allowing the material to follow the contours.
Others use a “blind” stitch, causing the material to curl into the seam, lifting off the dash and collecting dirt and dust.
Suede Dash Covers- This material is coated with patented finish to give it a fine sheen and smooth luxurious finish. This coating allows for easy cleaning and an everlasting finish. Coverking Suede dashboard covers are the finest dashboard coves available anywhere!

Cleaning Instructions:
DO NOT use an automatic washing machine with a Suede Dash Cover.  DO NOT use any type of bleach. Dry cleaning is allowed, if desired. Hand Method For Spot Areas-The best cleaning results of your Suede Dash Cover will be obtained in normal room temperatures (68-85 degrees Fahrenheit). Obtain a liquid non-toxic, bio-degradable cleaner, clean soft cloths or sponge. Use a high suction vacuum cleaner to remove as much loose dirt and contaminates as possible from either side. Wipe the seat cover area to be cleaned with a water soaked clean soft cloth or sponge. Either spray or immerse the soiled area of the seat cover in the proper mixture of cleaner. Work into the fabric with another clean soft cloth or sponge until the soiled area has released the soil/contaminates.
Dry the cleaned area with a dry soft clean cloth and allow to air dry. You can speed-up the drying process with an air blower set on “cool” only, such as a hair drier or vacuum cleaner set for reverse/blowing.
Soaking Method For Entire Product- Obtain a non-toxic liquid or powder fabric cleaner recommended for laundering a variety of fabrics. Following the mixing instructions on the cleaner’s package, prepare a container suitable for soaking (sink, basin, etc.) and fill with cold or warm water (not exceeding 85 degrees Fahrenheit). Soak the Suede Dash Cover on this mixture for a period of 5 minutes to loosen the embedded dust and dirt particles.
After soaking for 5 minutes, wash the Suede Dash Cover thoroughly with a gentle agitation for 5 minutes.Rinse your Suede Dash Cover by using cold water for 5 minutes.Flat dry the Suede Dash Cover against an absorbent dry cloth, to soak up the excess water. DO NOT WRING COVER. Allow to air dry, either by placing flat on a dry surface or by hang drying. You can speed-up the drying process with an air blower set on “cool” only, such as a hair drier or vacuum cleaner set for reverse/blowing.

Polycarpet Dash Covers- A super dense polyester needle punch non-woven carpeting of 14 oz. per yard with 4 oz. of latex backing, using solution dyed long life automotive dyes. This results in an extremely robust construction of poly carpet, so effective that Coverking polycarpet is treated with fire retardant materials to comply with federal motor vehicle safety standard. Polycarpet Dash Covers are available in 12 solid colors. You can cleanse your Poly Carpet Dashboard Cover thoroughly and successfully by using a high suction vacuum cleaner and for this purpose; you also need to use a non-toxic, non-caustic, bio-degradable and anionic laundry detergent in the cleaning process. However, this cleaning process is to undertaken at 20-27 degree centigrade.

Poly Carpet Dashboard Cover Cleaning Process: First of all, use the high suction vacuum cleaner to treat your Poly Carpet Dashboard Cover and then wash the surface of your Poly Carpet Dashboard Cover by using a wet tissue. Now, dip the Poly Carpet Dashboard Cover on the non-caustic, non-toxic, bio-degradable and eco-friendly green-water based anionic detergent and cleanse it properly. After cleaning, wipe the Poly Carpet Dashboard Cover with green tissue with water to extract the soap material and then again wash with dry tissue/soft cotton fabric. Now, dry the Poly Carpet Dashboard Cover completely by air with the help of vacuum cleaner by releasing air outside the cleaner.

Velour Dash Covers- A luxury polyester material with a smooth velour finish. It is laminated with 3/16th inch high density foam to retain its shape and finally backed by Trico to finish the material. Coverking Velour dash covers are available in 12 solid colors. 

Cleaning Instruction:
For thorough cleansing of your Velour Dashboard Cover, opt for a non-toxic, non-caustic, bio-degradable and eco-friendly anionic laundry detergent and also proper cleaning is possible only at 20-27 degree centigrade. The cleaning process of your Velour Dashboard Cover involves the following steps: In the very first step, treat your Velour Dashboard Cover with a high suction vacuum cleaner and then wipe the surface properly by using a wet tissue. Now, clean the Velour Dashboard Cover by dipping it on an eco-friendly green water based detergent and then wipe it thoroughly by using a wet tissue with water in order to extract the soap material attached to the Velour Dashboard Cover. In this step, you need to wipe the Velour Dashboard Cover with dry tissue/soft cotton fabric and then use vacuum cleaner to undertake air drying of your Velour Dashboard Cover. This you can achieve by ejecting air outside the vacuum cleaner.

Molded Dash Covers- Coverking Molded Dash covers are made from unique blend of high tech materials which can be molded in the shape of the dashboard itself. Molded Dash covers are guaranteed for life to retain shape, against shrinking. Molded Dash covers are available in 9 solid colors.
Cleaning Instruction: For effective and successful cleansing of your Molded Carpet Dashboard Cover, obtain a non-caustic, non-toxic, bio-degradable and eco-friendly anionic laundry detergent and alongside, proper cleaning is ensured only when the Molded Carpet Dashboard Cover cleaning process is undertaken at 20-27 degree centigrade.
The Molded Carpet Dashboard Cover cleaning process entails the following steps: In the very first cleansing step, treat the Molded Carpet Dashboard Cover by using a high suction vacuum cleaner and then wash the surface thoroughly by using a wet tissue. Now, take the Molded Carpet Dashboard Cover and submerge it with green-water based non-toxic, non-caustic, bio-degradable and eco-friendly anionic laundry detergent and clean thoroughly. After cleaning the Molded Carpet Dashboard Cover, you need to wipe it completely by using a wet tissue with water in order to extract the attached soap material. Now, wash the Molded Carpet Dashboard Cover with the help of dry tissue/soft cotton fabric. Next, dry the Molded Carpet Dashboard Cover with the help of a vacuum cleaner by releasing air outside it.

Fashion Print Dash Covers- For an extra touch of personality, specialize your cover with our plush designer velour. Coverking treats these seat covers with a U.V. and Fire retardant agent for uncompromising safety. Fashion Print Dash covers are available in 8 fashionable prints. Cleaning Instruction: See Velour

Coverking DashBoard Covers Installation & Care Instructions

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