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Covercraft Seat Savers Truck Seat Covers SUV Seat Covers

Seat Savers from Covercraft are the best, quick and easy way to protect the seats in your pickup or SUV. Covercraft Seat Savers slip on and off in minutes, providing protection against dirt, spills, kids, pets, outdoor adventures or everyday wear and tear - and when soiled, just throw them in the home washer and dryer. Seat Savers are custom patterned for front seats, back seats and 3rd row seats, plus they have cutouts provided for seat adjustment knobs, shoulder belts in seatbacks and fold-down armrests. All Covercraft Seat Saver covers are easy to clean at home, and no tools are needed to install or remove them. Your original seat material will be protected from harmful sun & UV rays while the fabric breathes eliminating the wet sticky back so common with other type of seat covers. Seat Savers heavy duty poly cotton drill weave fabric features overlapped and double stitched seams for durability and is protected with a water repellency finish that blocks liquid from reaching your seats. Seat Savers are available in 4 different materials & the color choices below.
Seat Savers Seat Cover Buy Now  Seat Savers Seat Cover
  • Waterproof polyester fabric
  • Durable for tough working conditions
  • Best for wet weather situations
  • 2 Color Choices
  • Heavy duty PolyCotton drill fabric
  • Breathable for comfort
  • Durable Water Repellency (DWR)
  • 6 Color Choices
  • Covercraft Exclusive
  • Durable multifilament polyester fabric
  • Breathable for comfort
  • Durable Water Rellency (DWR)
  • 5 True Timber Camo color Choices
  • A Covercraft Exclusive
  • Carhartt brand Duck Weave fabric
  • Durable Water Repellency (DWR)
  • Strong overlapped 2x and 3x stitched seams
  • Brown / Gray Color Choices

Carhartt Seat Savers - Covercraft Carhartt Seat Covers

Carhartt® famous rugged durability is now available in SeatSaver™ seat protectors.
Don't let the good looks fool you. These seat protectors are tough as nails with heavy duty, firm-hand Carhartt® duck weave fabric and triple stitched main seams. Your butt might wear out before these seat protectors.
Available in Carhartt® Brown & Gravel* colors, they feature storage pockets with signature Carhartt® rivets and a Durable, Water-Repellent (DWR) finish. So they’ll always look good no matter how bad you treat 'em.
  • Custom patterned for a perfect fit
  • Easy to install / easy to remove
  • Protect seats from sun, dirt, workweek abuse
  • Breathable, heavy-duty duck fabric
  • Durable Water Repellency (DWR) finish for spills
  • Strong overlapped, double & triple-stitched seams
  • Clean in home washer/dryer
  • Great for kids, dogs, construction work
  • Warranty: 2 Years

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Carhartt Brown
Carhartt® Brown (BN)
Carhartt Gravel
Carhartt® Gravel (GY)

Waterproof Seat Savers - Covercraft Polyester Seat Covers

Your seats are exposed to all the worst kind of abuse. UV rays, dirt, mud, wet clothing, animals and kids all contribute to their destruction. Seat Savers from Covercraft Industries are custom fit to your vehicle's seats and provide the ultimate in protection. Easy to install and remove, these Covercraft Seat Savers protect front seats, as well as 2nd and 3rd row seats. When dirty, wash and dry at home. Seat Saver Covercraft seat covers are available for bucket seats or multiple bench seats in your truck or SUV, plus they include cutouts provided for seat adjustment knobs, seat belts, etc. Covercraft Seat Savers are fabricated from heavy-duty poly cotton fabric which allows you and your seats to breathe, eliminating that tacky, sticky feeling that vinyl or neoprene type seat covers can cause while driving. Their quality construction features overlapped and double-stitched seams for durability, and the material is treated with a water repellency finish that blocks liquid from reaching your seats. For the ultimate in seat protection install Seat Savers. Best of all they are easy to install and remove ' that means whenever they get soiled just pull them off and throw them in a home washer and dryer!

We're saving a seat for you!
  • Custom Fit / Patterned Seat Protection for Pickups & SUVs
  • Protection from Kids, Dogs, Work, Weekends, etc.
  • Choice of front, 2nd, or 3rd seats
  • Front seats - sold as a set or pair (if buckets)
  • Throw in Home Washer When Dirty
  • Warranty: 1 Year
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Gray (GY)
Taupe (TP)

Keep your seats looking new for years with slip-on Seat Saver seat protectors. Custom fitted, they provide protection from sun, dirt, outdoor fun, and abuse during the workweek, to help keep your seats looking new.  Travel in comfort - breathable, heavy duty poly cotton fabric won't give you that "sticky" feeling that neoprene or vinyl seat covers will.  If the Seat Savers become soiled, just throw them into your home washer and dryer and then slip them back on.

Polycotton Seat Savers - Covercraft Polycotton Seat Covers

Dirty dog?  Kids with ice cream cones?  Potted plants?  Fun in the sun?  Messy mechanic and greasy tools?  Stop worrying, with Seat Saver truck seat covers your leather and velour seats are safe.  The fabric is protected with a DWR (durable water repellency) finish that blocks most "accidents" from reaching the seats.  Like a great pair of jeans, Seat Savers get softer and more comfortable with each washing (but, we recommend you re-spray the DWR after every 5 or 6 washings).
  • Custom fitted, slip-on slip-off protection from everyday abuse.
  • Seat Savers block UV rays to help protect stock seat fabric or leather.
  • Heavy duty, poly cotton drill weave fabric "breathes" so you don't get stuck to the seat.
  • Washer / dryer safe for easy home care.  When they're dirty just slip them off and into the washer.
  • All stress seams are overlapped and double-stitched, just like the seams on a good pair of jeans.
  • No tools required for easy installation and removal.
  • Most front seat backs include a handy, built-in map pocket.
  • Warranty: 1 Year
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Charcoal Black (CH)
Charcoal Gray
Gray (GY)
Misty Gray (CT)
Misty Gray
Tan (TN)
Taupe (TP)
Wet Sand (SA)
Wet Sand

Camo Seat Savers - Covercraft Camo Seat Covers

Check out these all new CAMO Seat Saver covers from Covercraft Industries! Covercraft, and the folks at True Timber Camo, have teamed up and introduced an exclusive new addition to the Covercraft Seat Saver seat cover line. They're offering three different patterns, Conceal Brown, Conceal Green and Flooded Timber, and these covers are custom-fit for first row, second row and even third row seats on most domestic and import SUV's and trucks

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Conceal Brown (CB)
Conceal Brown (CB)
Conceal Green (CG)
Conceal Green (CG)
Flooded Timber (FT)
Flooded Timber (FT)
3D Image (XD)
3D Image (XD)
Pink Camo (PK)
Pink Camo (PK)
Covercraft teamed up with the folks at True Timber Camo in an exclusive new program to offer our Seat Saver seat protectors in their most popular camo patterns.  Constructed of durable polyester fabric with a DWR (durable water repellency) finish they include all the features that have made Seat Savers a best seller.
  • Custom tailored fit
  • Easy-on/easy-off
  • Clean in a home washer/dryer
  • Breathable fabric for travel comfort
  • True Timber was founded by a husband/wife team with a strong family background in hunting
  • Their Digital Effects Printing process provides unbeatable detail and realism
  • True Timber fabrics are Made in the USA
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Constructed of durable multi-filament polyester fabric with a DWR (durable water repellency) finish, they include all the features that have made Seat Savers a consistent best seller. CAMO Seat Savers feature a custom-tailored fit for your specific vehicle, they are easy to install and remove and they can be cleaned in your home washer and dryer. Maintenance is super easy and CAMO Seat Savers True Timber materials breathe for travel comfort. Bring the great outdoors inside your vehicle with one of these great looking CAMO patterns. Check out CAMO SeatSavers.

Work Trucks Seat Savers - Covercraft WorkTruck Seat Covers

Whether you drive coast to coast or to local work sites, your work truck seat covers take a beating every day. Even the sturdiest truck seat cover materials can stand up only so long under hard working conditions. Seat Saver truck seat covers work truck seat protectors help preserve your seats in these adverse conditions. These custom fitted slip on/off truck seat covers are made tough, can be removed and reinstalled quickly and are washer and dryer safe for easy cleaning. Seat Saver truck seat covers are made from heavy-duty poly cotton drill weave fabric that 'breathes' for comfort during all weather conditions. This fabric also blocks UV rays from damaging the material or leather. All Seat Saver truck seat covers stress seams are overlapped and double stitched, just like your jeans. Strong protection for a tough job! Seat Saver truck seat covers work truck seat protectors are available in Gray, Charcoal Black and Taupe (Tan) to compliment your truck's interior. A handy built-in storage pocket is included on the back of most Seat Saver truck seat cover patterns.

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Charcoal Black (CH)
Charcoal Gray
Gray (GY)
Taupe (TP)

* New Covercraft Factory Warranty with purchases after Dec 1, 2015

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